One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 96

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Yun Shishi was touched and comforted when her son served the herbal tea . "What a good boy Youyou is!"

After drinking the herbal tea, she went to sleep early .

Her heart was full of tumult – fear, worry, shock – but she had no one to seek solace .

She used to wish for someone to look after and take care of her in this life – someone who could protect her from fear and pain and whom she could hold on for support . She had waited for that kind of person to appear in her twenty-four years of life, but he had never once materialized .

Youyou covered her with a blanket, gave her forehead a peck, and switched the light off .

Her powerlessness made his heart ache with care .

"Mommy, don't be scared . Just remember that no matter what happens, Youyou will always be by your side and be your support, alright? Don't think too much about anything . "

She was startled by his comforting words and tears welled up in her eyes .

"Youyou, you'll always be by my side and won't leave me, right?"

"Of course . " Youyou leaned on the bed with a smile on his face . "Mommy, don't think too much . I am always here for you . "

She nodded her heavy head and closed her eyes .

Youyou closed the bedroom door and walked into the study room, only to see Li Hanlin giving him a bizarre look, as though the latter had seen a ghost .

He was displeased . "Agent Li, what kind of look are you giving me?!"

Li Hanlin cleared his throat and awkwardly looked away . "Director Yun, you and your mother don't look like mother and son . "

Yun Tianyou was bemused . "What do we look like, then?"

Li Hanlin replied with a serious face, "Father and daughter . "

"…" Yun Tianyou did not know what to say .

Li Hanlin clapped his palms together and continued with much ardor, "How enviable . I really wish to have a smart and loving son like you, Director Yun . "

Yun Tianyou coughed a little and told him without holding back, "I'm afraid you won't have a chance, Agent Li . "

"Why?" Li Hanlin sadly asked .

"Genes are important," he succinctly pointed out .

What he meant was that in order to have smart children, the father needed to be smart first .

This was indirectly telling Li Hanlin that he was stupid!

Li Hanlin was dumbstruck .

This imp might appear harmless and innocent, but he could hit a person's weakest spot with words alone .

"Director Yun, have you met… your biological father?" he carefully asked .

"No . " Youyou gave him a look and then said, "But he is definitely a handsome and outstanding man!"

Li Hanlin marveled, "How do you know when you haven't met him before?"

Youyou looked at him as if he were an idiot . "If he's not that, then how can he have a son like me?"


Li Hanlin was speechless . That hit the nail on the head .

He sighed empathetically . "It is so unbelievable . The most mysterious and respectable board member of Lezhi is actually just a six-year-old boy . If the other board members find out about this, it will send them into disarray . "

"That is not going to change the fact . " Yun Tianyou sat elegantly behind the study table . He casually leaned back in his chair, his pretty face looking stern as he said, "I heard that the directors' board is in chaos recently . "

"Yes, a few senior directors are unhappy with you," Li Hanlin's face also turned serious as he reported .

Lezhi Holdings had five big shareholders, and they had voting rights, too .

Yun Tianyou raised an eyebrow slightly . "Oh? What did those good-for-nothings say?"

"Director Zhang could not understand why, Director Yun, did that at the time . " Li Hanlin paused and watched his expression closely .

Lezhi Holdings was the biggest toy manufacturer and supplier in the world . When it was trying to break into the market in Mainland China, it sponsored a few popular youth TV programs . That made the company famous overnight, and the sales records had been smooth sailing ever since then .

However, a while ago, Yun Tianyou suddenly instructed the company to invest in a teen film .

His action caused quite the commotion among the board of directors .

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