One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 9

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Six months later .

Yun Shishi was accompanied by the secretary to process her papers for resuming her studies at her university . On the way there, she suddenly felt a sharp pain from her belly which was not subsiding .

On tenterhooks for the past few months, Yun Shishi unexpectedly went into premature labor . They would not reach Mu family's private hospital on time, so the secretary hastily drove her to a gynecology hospital in town and calmly went through the necessary procedures .

Yun Shishi lay in bed, her face ghastly pale . When she looked up, the light from an incandescent lamp constantly flashed before her eyes . Under tremendous pain, she broke out in a cold sweat . After eight months of pregnancy, she was finally going to be released . The secretary went with her toward the delivery room, constantly giving her words of encouragement . "Miss Yun, don't be afraid! You and the children will be fine; I'll wait outside for the good news!"

"Thank you…"

Yun Shishi closed her eyes as she was pushed into the delivery room, the doors shutting behind them .

The director of the hospital was acquainted with Yun Yecheng . Upon learning that the one who was about to give birth was Yun Shishi, the doctor immediately contacted him . Yun Yecheng rushed to the hospital after receiving the message and waited impatiently outside the delivery room .

Four hours later, a resonant wail could be heard from the room .

"It's a healthy baby boy!"

The nurse placed the baby into an incubator and sent him to the nursery room for newborns . Yun Yecheng did not care about the baby . He paced about and frantically looked around outside the delivery room .

The secretary walked toward the nursery room . Inspecting the newborn from the other side of the glass window, she turned to ask, "What about the other one?"

The nurse apologetically replied, "We are terribly sorry! Because it is a premature delivery, the younger one is too weak . When he came out, he was already not breathing… . "

The secretary's face stiffened from shock and inquired, "Is there no hope?"

The nurse frankly spoke, "… Yes . "

She was disappointed, but she could do nothing about it . "Fine . Please deal with that child, accordingly . "

When she was done talking to the nurse, she held up her phone to contact some of her people to send an ambulance over; she intended to transfer the newborn to the Mu family's private hospital .

Before she left, she filled out a check and passed it over to Yun Yecheng . She spoke politely, "Mr . Yun . Your daughter has suffered for these past few months . This is the remaining payment . Please accept it!"

Dazed, Yun Yecheng received the check from her . The secretary then left in a hurry .

Inside the delivery room, Yun Shishi was exhausted of her energy and she passed out .

The nurse went over to her and was about to deal with the stillborn infant . However, just as she held him up, she noticed something strange . Her pupils shook and her expression changed drastically . She frantically rushed toward the doctor with the baby .


Six years later .

Time passed . Years and months went by in a flash .

Within the bustling crowd in a departmental store, Yun Shishi, who was pushing a cart, anxiously looked around back and forth . Her steps were hasty .

She just went to the daily essentials section to take something . However, when she looked backward, he was gone and was nowhere to be found .

Passing by the toys section, she slowed down her pace and scanned the entire area . Suddenly, she caught sight of a petite figure . Yun Shishi shrugged before sighing helplessly . The corners of her mouth curled up and she chuckled to herself . She then pushed the cart toward that direction and bent down behind the figure .

A little boy was standing in front of a rack, his eyes focusing on a beautifully wrapped remote-controlled racing car . He seemed really young, about five or six years of age . He was wearing a set of clean school uniform that was a little big for his thin frame .

Smooth, silky, jet-black hair, jade-like skin, a youthful face with exquisite features and rosy cheeks – he was quite the lovely boy!

He owned a pair of large, glistening eyes, which twinkled at times, clear and beautiful . His deep-set eyes were framed by thick, curly lashes that were slightly upturned like two feathers of a black phoenix . His black orbs were clear and free of any impurities .

This charming and lovely young boy looked just like a little fairy . However, right now, the little fairy had a serious look on his face, seemingly possessing the maturity of an adult .

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