One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 88

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There was someone else who was even unhappier than him: Han Jingyi . "What?! In what way did I lose to that b*itch?! She must be a vixen who is out to seduce men…"

"Forget that, Han Jingyi; you'd better worry about your future, instead," Yan Liangxiong scoffed .

Hearing Gu Xingze's words, he could not help but agree . This woman was indeed subpar .

She could not compare to Yun Shishi, and he was no longer interested in her .

"What do you mean?" Han Jingyi was stunned .

"You are just a newcomer in Huanyu, yet you dared offend Gu Xingze?"

"So what?" Her fantasies about getting together with Gu Xingze had totally evaporated into thin air by now .

Her heart was badly wounded by her dream guy's mocking words .

"I don't think you realize the consequences of your actions just yet! Don't you know that Gu Xingze owns twenty percent of the shares in Huanyu Entertainment? He is the biggest shareholder of the company; even I have to be respectful to him . Who are you to throw a tantrum in front of him? You can't survive long in this industry . Expect your contract to be terminated tomorrow . "

What?! Gu Xingze is the biggest shareholder in Huanyu? Oh, god! she was gutted with fury and regret .

"Director Yan, what should I do now? I don't want to be terminated," she turned to him and cried for help .

"I can't save you! The sight of you, a brainless woman who speaks without thinking, is making me sick!" He waved her off and left in a huff .

As soon as they stepped out of the hotel, Gu Xingze spun around . Yun Shishi, who was unsteadily following him from behind, bumped into his chest .

"Ouch…" She rubbed her forehead as her head throbbed .

Gu Xingze rubbed her nose ruefully and chastised, "Naïve girl, you'd better thank me for saving you from the lion's den . "

"What do you mean?" She was still dazed and could not comprehend what he meant with his words .

"You aren't in this industry, so you don't know of Yan Liangxiong's reputation . " He bent down and looked into her eyes before continuing, "He likes your type – green, innocent, and simple . If you didn't follow me out just then, you would certainly be devoured by him . "


"Did I scare you?" Seeing that she was still in a trance, he instinctively wanted to protect this pure and innocent woman who resembled a little white rabbit . He affectionately rubbed her head and went on, "This industry is materialistic . If you continue with your naivety, you'll be devoured sooner or later . "

Yun Shishi realized the trouble she almost got herself into and told the man with much gratitude, "Thank you! I would've been in a tight situation if not for you . "

If he had not come and rescued her, she would not have known how to face that licentious Yan Liangxiong .

"Let's go home . " He patted her on the shoulder .

"What time should I report for work tomorrow?" she smilingly asked as she followed behind him .

"You… You really want to be my assistant?" Gu Xingze was amused . "It's a tough job . My assistant has to handle my PR affairs, needs to fend off the paparazzi, and, even worse, has to deal with difficult situations like today . Can you manage?"

Only then did she realize how difficult a celebrity assistant's job was .

"But you asked me if I'm willing to be your assistant…"

"I did that to save you," he replied matter-of-factly .

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