One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 87

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Han Jingyi had drunk a little earlier and was slightly inebriated . He was her idol and when he put her down so mercilessly, she was thoroughly upset . Under the influence of alcohol, she decided to lash out .

"She is just a new and unknown assistant . How can she be compared to me?!"

Han Jingyi was fuming . Every girl had a goal and hers was Gu Xingze .

He, with his good looks and excellent acting skills, had always been her idol since he started in the show business .

He was her beacon of light . When she turned eighteen, this admiration only intensified .

Thus, she resolved to enter the show business and become a star as well . She then would have many opportunities to meet Gu Xingze .

Using her parents' accumulated savings, she took the plunge and went to Korea to undergo several cosmetic surgeries . What did it matter if she was not born with natural good looks?

The aesthetic surgical industry was so advanced now . She got herself double eyelids, did rhinoplasty, and went under the knife to get a slim body . Thereafter, she was signed on with a modeling agency and easily entered the entertainment industry .

She was obsessed with him . Without a flair for the dramatic, she used underhanded means to gain fame and get closer to her dream . It was so close… yet Gu Xingze smashed her fantasy away .

And now this unknown assistant of mine has come along to snatch his attention from me?! In what way is she better than me?!

"Your name is Yun Shishi, right? You don't have to come for work tomorrow! You are fired!" She unleashed her fury on Yun Shishi .

Yun Shishi was bewildered and flabbergasted .

Gu Xingze appeared elated when he heard that and smilingly told her, "That's good! I am coincidentally looking for an assistant . Shishi, are you willing to work for me?"

His words caused quite the uproar at the table .

Who was Gu Xingze? He was the haughty, rich, and super famous, ultimate king of the show business . Many would willingly give an arm and a leg to be his assistant just to get close to him . In fact, if one were to line up those people, the line could stretch from this place to Hollywood .

Right now, he was actually asking an unknown girl to be his assistant?

The world could really be so weird .

Yun Shishi was stunned as well .

"You don't agree? I pay well, you know? I am also gentle with my subordinates and easier to handle than this woman . "

That got her attention and she hurriedly said, "I accept your offer . "

There was a tinge of tenderness when he replied, "You can officially report for work at my studio tomorrow, then . "

With that, he gracefully stood up and told Yan Liangxiong, who was standing at the side with a confused look on his face, "Director Yan, it's getting late, so I'll be off first . "

Everyone at the table gaped as he pushed the door open to leave . Seeing that Yun Shishi was still sitting dazedly at the table, he asked, "My new assistant, it's getting late . Let me send you home . "

"Okay . "

She was momentarily confounded .

The heavenly king, Gu Xingze, wanted to send her home?

His fans are going to hate me, she thought to herself as she stood up to follow the man out of the room .

Yan Liangxiong had remained composed throughout this incident, yet he could not help but sputter when Yun Shishi unexpectedly escaped his grasp .

There was someone else who was even unhappier than him: Han Jingyi . "What?! In what way did I lose to that b*itch?! She must be a vixen who is out to seduce men…"

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