One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 85

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It was Han Jingyi's dream to be his female lead . Although she was in the show business for just a year or so, she was in the acting profession for quite some time . This was her first time meeting this superstar!

Compared to the pictures in the magazines, he looked even better and more glamorous in person .

Han Jingyi did not drink much but found herself a captive of his stupefying charisma .

He was the Greek god in the eyes of many women .

Gu Xingze's mind was crowded with doubts as he looked at Yan Liangxiong for an introduction of the woman .

He shifted his gaze and saw Yun Shishi in the corner .

At this moment, she was already inebriated yet was still stubbornly pressing her lips together . Her fingertips clasped hard on the table top as if she were struggling with something .

Her face, with her bloodshot and misty eyes, was expressive .

Forbearance, stubbornness, exasperation…

At this very moment, he was captivated .

He could make out a scene in the script in his mind .

The female and male protagonists had an argument, and she went to the bar to drown her sorrows . In that noisy bar, she was seen weeping and resisting the painful tears at the same time .

That instant of restraint was so heartbreaking .

Yin Xiachun!

This woman was Yin Xiachun!

Yan Liangxiong interrupted his astonished thoughts .

"Xingze, let me introduce a new actress from Huanyu Entertainment to you . Her name is Han Jingyi!" He smiled as he moved closer to him and whispered, "You've seen her in person now . She's not bad looking, right? I bet she has a bright future ahead of her . Please take care of her!"

In other words, he is trying to promote her?

Gu Xingze frowned, his frail lips opening and shutting without a word . Han Jingyi coyly reached out her hand to him, but he ignored it .

He had always been haughty and was never kind to those he did not approve of .

Many in the entertainment industry were the recipients of his merciless treatment .

This Han Jingyi might be good-looking, but she is just a newbie with no track record . Moreover, she is like a hollow flower vase . Why is Yan Liangxiong willing to promote a newcomer like her? Could it be because of some dirty deeds?

Gu Xingze's eyes flashed with disdain .

"Beautiful? Director Yan's aesthetic taste seems to be quite bad . " Words spouted from his mouth like poisonous darts . "Even if her looks are acceptable to Director Yan, they fail to reach my standard . Director Yan, you may want to promote this actress whom you've slept with, but it is not up to you to decide the female lead for this movie . You know very well that I am one of its producers, too . "

Yan Liangxiong was taken aback; his face showed awkwardness and embarrassment .

Publicly mocking the woman he had slept with in front of him was making him look bad .

He knew that Gu Xingze had a solid record in the industry, with strong and influential backing, so he could not afford to offend him .

However, this was utter humiliation!

Han Jingyi was in an even worse state . She sat in stony silence once she heard her idol mock her .

Her Greek god just publicly mocked and humiliated her . She was utterly disgraced!

Gu Xingze gave a derisive laugh and told her harshly, "As for you, acting is not as easy as spreading your legs . There are so many naïve models like you in our industry . Do you really think that having a sugar daddy means you can easily get what you want? You must be dreaming! Show business is not that simple . "

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