One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 82

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"I really can't hold my liquor . I'm a very lightweight drinker . I get drunk from just a glass…"

"At least a little!" Yan Liangxiong was clearly disappointed by her refusal .

She could not hold her liquor? Bingo! If this woman were to get drunk, she would be much easier to deal with .

Han Jingyi was flushed with anger when she was pushed to the side . Who found her this small assistant? This woman was clearly the reincarnation of a vixen spirit that was out to seduce men!

Yun Shishi was flabbergasted by him forcing alcohol on her . She had experience socializing, but she always drank tea and not alcohol during those times, and no one ever forced her to drink liquor . Faced with this situation, she was rather baffled .

With Yan Liangxiong totally focused on Yun Shishi, Han Jingyi felt nothing but hatred in her heart . Why was this new assistant so pretty? She just entered the room minutes ago, yet she already captured the souls of almost every man in the room . Was she really a vixen spirit in her past incarnation?

She cursed inwardly but forced out a smile . "Mr . Yan, why stoop to this lowly assistant's level? She isn't giving you face by refusing to drink . She's clearly looking down on you! Rest assured; I'll fire her right this instant!"

She originally thought that by fanning the flames, the man would be enraged by the ignorant Yun Shishi, but instead, his response left her feeling flummoxed .

"Huh? Why fire her? This little assistant is so fun to play with! She hasn't seen much of society yet . Once she experiences more of this, she will get used to it!"

After he said this, he thought of something and continued with an ulterior motive, "Jingyi, you want to be in the 'The Green Apple' movie, right? If you can convince your assistant to accompany me for some drinks, I'll help you get the female lead role!"

Hearing this, Han Jingyi almost spewed out blood .

She absolutely wanted to vomit blood!

The movie was said to have a star-studded cast; many first-rate female stars were in the queue for internal auditions, but none of them made the cut .

She tried every means possible to push her way through and was lucky enough to hook up with a rich boss . He was coincidentally the movie's biggest investor, causing her to be over the moon!

She pestered and coaxed him unceasingly to get her that female lead role but to no avail . Right now, she was being promised the coveted female lead role as long as she could make Yun Shishi accompany him for some drinks .

No matter how dumb one was, they could tell that Yan Liangxiong had some designs on Yun Shishi!

Han Jingyi was outraged and she really wanted to flip the tables over .

The smile on her face was almost twisted . She spent a lot of time and effort pleasing him, taking great pains to get into his bed, but in the end, she was not even worth a few glasses of alcohol with a nobody like Yun Shishi .

Was this not a blatant way of throwing her away?

However, thinking of it from another perspective, Han Jingyi realized that if a few glasses of alcohol could be exchanged for the female lead role, then she would get what she wanted with no effort on her part at all! He wanted to knock on her, but what about it? She was unwilling to kiss his ass and be of service to him, anyway!

The entire entertainment industry was so huge; there would definitely be many wealthy bosses out there, would there not? She could just find another investor .

By bagging this role, she could establish connections with those in high society .

Getting the role that other female stars could not get with a few glasses of alcohol from her lowly assistant… this was quite the happy ending!

Thinking of this with elation, she told Yun Shishi, "I say, newbie, just accompany Mr . Yan for some drinks! Think of it as giving him some face . If he is pleased, he won't treat you badly!" She then mouthed to her, "If you don't drink, then I'll fire you . "

"Just one glass; will that do? I can only drink one glass…" Yun Shishi spoke cautiously .

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