One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 80

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What he yearned for was nothing but a companion .

His small hand hooked on the window edge as loneliness overwhelmed him .

He was even somewhat at a loss . Throughout his life, there was a time in the past when he thought that he did not have a father . However, right now, his father was this close to him .

Just like how Yun Shishi would always imagine the appearance of her other child, whom she had never met before, in her mind, this was not Yun Tianyou's first time imagining how his father would look like in his head .

He must be very tall with beautiful eyes and a high nose bridge . He must look very handsome and suave in a suit .

Since the teachers in his kindergarten often praised him for his good looks, his father should be even more handsome .

In fact, the man was so attractive that he himself was mesmerized by him .

Deep down, he was also imagining how wonderful it would be if he were with his father from birth .

It was just a pity…

Suddenly, Yun Shishi's gentle words echoed in his mind . 'Youyou won't leave mommy, will you?'

Yes! He would never leave his mother forever!

He was her forever sweetheart! He would protect her from all dangers . Even if it were his biological father, he would not let him hurt her!

Youyou's eyes cast down . He concealed the longing in his eyes, which was there for a moment, and slowly rolled up the car window .

Mu Yazhe held Yichen in his arms and patted his little head lovingly . Suddenly, he spotted an unfamiliar luxury Bentley from the corner of his eye .

He followed his line of sight and saw the Bentley gradually departing .

He seemingly observed someone's lonely side profile through the car window .

A child of about six years of age sat in the back seat . The boy tried to keep his head up, but his eyes remained downcast . He looked a little lonely .

As if he had just lost something important, his heart skipped a beat and his breath hitched a little .

Yichen raised his head to see a pair of eyes dazedly looking into the distance . He furrowed his brows and asked, "Daddy, what's wrong?"

"Erm… nothing . " Mu Yazhe lowered his head . His lips formed an arc at the corner, yet his mind was elsewhere .

The gathering was held in a VIP lounge . It was of a prestigious class .

Yun Shishi had just pushed the door open when she was met with a lively scene .

She saw Han Jingyi in the arms of a plump middle-aged man, acting as if no one else were around . She lightly hit the man's shoulder and was being coy by talking in a cutesy voice .

Her smooth shoulders were slightly exposed in her sexy, revealing dress . She was nothing but seductive .

The group of people sitting around the two did not say anything about their interactions . They were only sitting around and talking in a jovial manner, as if they were already used to seeing such a lewd scene .

In the entertainment industry, intimate scenes like this often happened that they were long used to them .

The middle-aged man embracing Han Jingyi was the CEO of a real estate company, Yan Liangxiong . He was highly valued and had some reputation to his name . He was the very investor supporting Han Jingyi's career as an actress .

Yun Shishi was not used to seeing such a scene, but she forced herself to get used to it and sat beside Han Jingyi .

However, the moment she entered the room, the atmosphere in the lounge had a slight change .

Han Jingyi, a newbie actress who had graduated from an arts school, knew of the rules in showbiz and how this industry worked .

Using her good looks, she signed on with Huanyu Entertainment . However, after debuting for a year, she did not acquire many resources and remained unknown to the masses .

It was only recently that she got a hold of Yan Liangxiong . The middle-aged man was attracted to beauties, especially someone like Han Jingyi – a fresh model with a slender body and a sweet appearance . She, who was to his taste, began to receive a few offers from some reality shows and make a name for herself .

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