One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 8

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In fact, Yun Yecheng's family was originally well-off . He had a property on the market that generated stable profits, so they were considered to be living in wealth . However, at the start of the year, a financial storm suddenly swept across the globe, which left his entire family in shambles . The company was operating under a constant loss . Many shareholders had had their investments retracted . Seeing that the company was about to go bankrupt, his wife pointed her finger at Yun Shishi and blamed her for it . This was because, just the year before, he willingly spent the money originally set aside for investments to send her to a prestigious dormitory-based high school to study, to be away from this trifling home .

In his wife's opinion, if it had not been for this particular move of his back then, the company would not have been affected by the economic crisis and the Yun family would not have fallen to such a state .

This matter caused many heated arguments in the household . When Yun Shishi went back home during the holidays, the mother-daughter pair shut the doors and beat her up while he was away . Because of this, he almost succumbed to a heart attack .

Burning with anxiety, he saw the door being pushed open by someone – the secretary – and Yun Shishi slowly walking in . Upon seeing her father, her pupils slightly shook . She got misty-eyed but quickly recovered herself . Her father promptly stood up and eyed the secretary with skepticism .

Understanding the situation, she quickly took her leave and closed the door for them .

"Shishi!" He approached her with a fretful expression . He held her shoulders and examined her from head to toe . "Where have you been these past two months? Did you know how worried I was this whole time?"

Feeling ashamed, she looked up at him . Only two months had passed, yet his entire hair was already a shade of grey, and the lines on his face were more prominent . He worried about her for many days . Settling the mountain of documents piled up at the company and searching for her in his free time, he split his attention to her and the company . He had been overworked .

"Dad, don't fret about me . I'm quite alright," Yun Shishi assured . She helped him sit down before asking, "How's the company?"

"Did you deposit that sum of money?"

He went straight to the point .

Yun Shishi was stunned, unsure of how to answer him . She was flustered for a moment before quickly putting on a disguise . He held the back of her hand tightly . "Oh, child . Tell me the truth . Don't lie to me . Don't make me worry about you again, alright?" He suddenly thought of something terrible . Sitting up straight, he hurriedly asked, "Did you do something silly?!"

Seeing her head lowered and not say anything, he tried to find clues from her face, yet it was in vain . He proceeded to point toward the door with suspicion . "Who was that lady just now?!"

Yun Shishi remained silent for a long time . Eventually, with a voice as soft as an insect's buzzing, she confessed, "I… I have become a surrogate… . "

The room suddenly became dead silent .

His pupils constricted as he stared at her in disbelief . "You… How could you… . "

"Dad… . "

As her voice trailed off, she next heard a deafening WHACK! He had given her a slap in his anger . Her face twisted to the side from the force behind the slap . In a daze, she touched her burning hot cheeks as she heard him question her with fury, "Why do you have to degrade yourself like this?! Being a surrogate… is that something that you can do?!"

She was still so young, at a blooming age, but she actually went to become a surrogate! Did she know that this would ruin her life?!

In her eyes, as a father, was he really useless to the point of being unable to protect his daughter?

"I will not touch one cent of this money! I, Yun Yecheng, need not go to such extent!"

When he was done talking, he angrily stood up from his seat and left the room .

Yun Shishi lowered her head, dumbfounded, and tightly gripped the hem of her clothes… .

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