One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 79

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The security guard was taken by pleasant surprise and immediately replied, "Young master, I'm doing fine . I hope you are, too! Please enter, young master!"

From what he could remember, the young master of the Mu family had always been haughty and indifferent and would not bother with niceties with a mere security guard like him . Thus, he was somewhat taken by surprise .

After the security guard permitted them entry, the Bentley slowly roved through the entrance until it reached the villa where the Lincoln was parked . Li Hanlin instructed the chauffeur to park the car nearby .

"Director Yun, what… is happening here?" he asked carefully .

Yun Tianyou shushed Li Hanlin and indicated for him not to speak further . He then wound down the window pane of the car and peeked out .

Yun Tianyou saw the boy, who was identical to him, alight from the car and be promptly received by the servant at the door .

Yun Tianyou's knitted brows hinted at the many unanswered questions in his mind .

Mu Wanrou got off the car next and saw the larger-than-life Mu Yazhe by the door . He was not wearing his suit, so he no longer looked like a corporate general . Instead, the pristine white shirt complemented the exquisiteness of his face .

It was a dreary night .

The ground lights in the courtyard of the villa were all lit up .

There was a heartwarming atmosphere .

Mu Yazhe slightly stooped down and gave Mu Yichen a tender smile .

He did not smile often . He was usually stern-looking and aloof .

Only before Little Yichen would he display such rare warmth .

His deep-set, almond-shaped eyes were beautiful and mesmerizing . With his sexy and seductive lips, it was impossible to resist him .

A father's warmth was like a harbor, emanating immeasurable peace of mind .

He had flown to North America to attend a meeting the day before and hurried home as soon as he touched down earlier .

Little Yichen was initially upset with him regarding that night he had not returned home as promised .

They had previously agreed that Mu Yazhe would accompany him for dinner and help him do his homework . He had promised not to bring home work-related matters, yet he had broken that promise .

However, the gloomy thoughts dispersed from Little Yichen's mind at his father's warm regard .

The little fellow rushed into his father's embrace, his little hands clutching around Mu Yazhe's elegant shoulders as he muttered, "Daddy…"

Yun Tianyou sat in the car and watched the two with an infatuated look . His eyes moistened at a nearly imperceptible level .

He saw Mu Yazhe take out an exquisitely wrapped present from behind him and passed it over to Little Yichen . Little Yichen unwrapped the present with much anticipation and saw that it was the remote-controlled car he had been longing for: Lezhi's latest bestseller and the dream toy of many children .

"Wow! This is Lezhi's TK01 smart remote-controlled car . Thank you, daddy! I'm so happy!"

Mu Wanrou slowly walked over and stooped low beside Little Yichen . She kissed his forehead and suggested, "Honey, let's assemble it with daddy, alright?"


Mu Yazhe gave his son a coddling smile . "Honey, have you forgiven daddy yet?"

"Yes! Daddy is the best! I love daddy the most!"

This heartwarming scene stung Yun Tianyou's eyes .

A father could have such a warm presence, huh .

TK01 smart remote-controlled car was painstakingly designed by Youyou . After it was just released for production, online pre-orders exceeded several thousands . He once saw a locally made remote-controlled car in the mall and played with it for experimentation . His mother thought he liked the toy and insisted on getting it for him . In actuality, he did not like toys .

Toys were considered childish and he was no longer interested in those things .

He just wanted a daddy to be by his side, patiently assembling a toy and playing it with him .

What he yearned for was nothing but a companion .

His small hand hooked on the window edge as his loneliness overwhelmed him .

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