One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 77

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Her face turned ashen as she replied with deliberation, "I haven't forgotten every clause in that contract . Mistress Mu, don't worry; I won't appear in my… in your son's life . "

"Really? You mean it?"

"Yes!" she replied through clenched lips, her heart crashing with pain .

Mu Wanrou broke into a loathsome smile . "I hope you won't forget what you've said today and won't do anything to breach the contract . If I find out that you are trying to worm your way into our lives again, I'll see to it that you regret it!"

She gave her a warning . Approaching her, Mu Wanrou caught sight of a hickey on her neck .

Last night, when Mu Yazhe did not return home, she sent someone to investigate . In the hotel's security footage, she saw him enter a suite .

He left the suite in a neat suit in the morning, while a girl in a dress followed his assistant out of the room in the afternoon . The face was obscured from sight… but the shape and height perfectly matched this woman before her .

The moment she saw the dubious trace on her neck, Mu Wanrou's mind was filled with so many possibilities . The more she thought about it, the angrier she got; the sinews on her forehead were obvious .


She raised her hand to slap her .

Behind her, a little voice coddled .

"Mommy, I've been waiting for you . " Little Yichen appeared out of nowhere as Mu Wanrou was about to send a slap across Yun Shishi's face . She halted .

Panicking, Mu Wanrou turned around and gently asked, "Yichen, didn't I have Auntie Gui bring you home?"

"Does mommy not plan to follow us back for dinner?" Little Yichen looked odd for a reason or another, as if he were trying to protect Yun Shishi, when he calmly pressed on, "Daddy said he is coming home for dinner tonight . "

Mu Wanrou heard this and did not waste any more time on Yun Shishi .

She would have a chance to prove the facts about last night .

As for Yun Shishi, she would not let her off lightly and would make her disappear from the capital soon . She would remove this thorn from her flesh once and for all!

Thus, after giving her a disdainful look, Mu Wanrou carried Little Yichen in her arms and left .

Yun Shishi was lost for a moment .

He is called Yichen, huh… She was overwhelmed with emotions .

It was painful to watch her flesh and blood call someone else mommy, but she still remembered the contract clause from six years ago .

After she gave birth to that son, she would be a stranger to him . It was cruel but necessary .

She was defenseless against the rich and powerful Mu family .

She was unfit to be that child's mother…

She took a deep breath and collected her thoughts before rushing over to the dinner party .

Along the street, an extended Bentley parked at an intersection .

This Bentley was a limited edition . It was not difficult to tell that the owner of this car was someone very rich .

A black genuine leather sofa and Sackson carpet decorated the interior of the car .

On the side, a small wine cabinet displayed expensive wine and vodka, looking lush and bright under the lights .

Yun Tianyou sat casually on the sofa, an expensive stemware filled with bubbling coke in his hand .

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