One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 7

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"You'd better get pregnant from just this once! Don't even think he'll touch you again!" she said bitterly and marched off .

Yun Shishi crumpled to the ground, her spirit leaving her body . The secretary hurriedly helped her up . "Get up! The floor is chilly! Your health is important!"

Two months later .

At the Mu family's private hospital, the secretary got a hold of the examination report .

Seven weeks pregnant . Her condition was stable . It was a pair of identical twins .

She took out her phone and reported everything to Mu Yazhe's assistant . Yun Shishi came out of the examination room . The examination report was of no concern to her . She was now quite like a wooden puppet under anyone's control .

In any case, she just did what she was supposed to do and went along with everything they had prepared . She needed not to worry about anything else .

The secretary came to her . Giving her a faint smile, she consoled, "Miss Yun, your condition now is very stable . Don't get too jittery . Ha ha . You don't have to worry about anything else . Please stay in the villa to take care of the babies for these few months . If you have any requests, please feel free to let me know . "

Yun Shishi looked up and muttered, "I want to see my father . "

Two months ago, she simply left a note behind without saying goodbye . He must be worrying about her!

The secretary tensed up . "This… Boss has instructed that you are forbidden from going outside . "

"I just want to see my father once . I don't have any other requests . Can't you even do just this much?"

At Yun Shishi's beseeching look, the secretary eventually relented . "Alright!"

This was originally something hard for her to decide . According to the contract, Yun Shishi was forbidden from going outdoors . However, looking at this poor girl, who had become a surrogate at such a young age, she thought that she must have some difficulties back at home . Thus, without the CEO's consent, she arranged a time for her to meet her father .

They arranged to meet in a café in the city center .

As soon as Yun Shishi's father received the message, he hastily made his way there and arrived thirty minutes earlier than the stipulated time . He sat in the private room, fidgeting on his seat . After she left without bidding goodbye, he was so concerned about her that he went through many sleepless nights, tussling and tossing around in bed . His wife even frequently mocked her of being an ungrateful and heartless b*tch in his face, as though she had run away from home with a random scumbag .

Their family was crumbling apart . While the family was in dire straits, the father did not know of her whereabouts . Although when he mysteriously gained a million dollars more in his bank account the following day, he instinctively linked it to her disappearance . He even thought that something bad might have happened to her .

As a matter of fact, Yun Shishi was not his biological daughter . She was unintentionally adopted by him from a welfare center ten years ago . He actually had a biological daughter . The Yun family was doing well at that time, and seeing that Yun Shishi was an intelligent and sensible child, he decided to adopt her . He never thought that after he had adopted her, his wife and biological daughter would strongly be against her . He had not minded it at first . Thinking of the little girl's sensibleness, he thought that she would eventually gain her wife and daughter's consent .

However, he had been wrong .

Usually, he was too busy to care about the little things happening at home . However, as a father, how would he not know of his wife and daughter bullying her during his absence? Yun Shishi was indeed an intelligent child . Even if she suffered from his wife and daughter's hands, she never complained to him even once . Thus, he truly felt guilty toward her .

In fact, his family was originally well-off . He had a property on the market that generated stable profits, so they were considered to be living in wealth . However, at the start of the year, a financial storm suddenly swept across the globe, leaving his entire family in shambles .

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