One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 68

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Youyou could sense that his mother was especially emotional and worriedly asked, "Mommy, what's the matter?"

"It's nothing! Don't worry, Youyou . Mommy will protect you . No one can take you away from me!"

He was momentarily stunned and looked intrigued, but he quickly recovered himself and gave her a reassuring smile .

"What do you mean, mommy? Of course, Youyou will always be your precious!"

She was so touched and satisfied .

She gave her son's little cheeks two eager pecks and said, "Precious, mommy loves you to bits!"

"Stupid mommy, come in quickly!" As a cold breeze blew from the window, he saw her nose turning red . He gave her an oblique look as he prepared her slippers for her .

She entered the apartment and threw her backpack on the sofa . She caught sight of the magazine on the coffee table featuring Mu Yazhe's cold handsome face on its cover and her face turned pale .

"Youyou, what is that on the table?"

"It is a magazine I just bought from the bookstore," he replied . Picking it up from the table, he casually slotted it into his schoolbag .

She sighed in relief . "Youyou, don't buy such type of magazines next time . The grown-up world is quite chaotic . "

He unintentionally gave a derisive laugh .

He was young but his experience with the adult world was no lesser .

He knew how filthy and unfair the adults could be .

He arranged the utensils on the dining table in front of her, scooped a bowl of rice for her, and placed her favorite dishes before her . It was impeccable service at its best!

Her heart was overwhelmed with contentment and bliss as she enjoyed his undivided attention and careful attendance .

"Dummy mommy, eat your food quickly!"

She picked up her bowl and wolfed down the rice in seconds .

He watched her with a scornful look from his peripheral view . She was so prim and proper when entertaining others, yet she was so unladylike at the moment… She could really scare others away with the way she ate .

"Mommy, please be more ladylike . You need to observe proper table manners; eat slowly and with poise . "

She was not bothered by his scolding . She was home and did not feel the need to retrain herself . "It's okay . There are only the two of us here," she replied .

As a fast learner, he had learned how to cook at the age of four and could whip up delicious meals from any cookbooks .

At this point in time, he could easily cook French, continental, or Chinese cuisines . His skills were comparable to a star chef .

She had been pampered by him and his cooking all this while . She even found food prepared by hotel chefs paling in comparison to his .

This made her worry even more . She could just not live without him!

From one perspective, she could be considered as a successful mother for raising such a filial and obedient child .

On another angle, she could be considered a failure as a mother for delegating most of the household chores to her son .

Youyou did not pick up his bowl . He propped up his chin on his interlaced fingers and stared at his mother with a knowing smile .

"Mommy, can I ask you a question?"

She swallowed a mouthful of rice and reflexively answered, "Yes . What question?"

He smilingly asked, "Who is my daddy—"

Before he could finish his question, her face turned red and she choked on her rice . He calmly passed her a bowl of heated broth and stroked her back reassuringly as she tried to clear her throat of residual rice .

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