One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 67

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However, although he did not care, it did not mean that he was not curious .

The child used to fantasize about his father, and he looked up to him with fear and respect .

He, just like all the children, wished to have a happy family with a loving father and a doting mother .

However, as far as he could remember, there was only his mother alone . No man was in their household to protect her .

He was truly envious when he saw that happy scene of a father and son playing with a remote-controlled car in the park that day .

The more he wanted a father figure, however, the more unattainable it became .

His fatherly love eventually turned into hate . Now, he no longer craved for a father's affection .

He had his mother and that was enough .

He did not need a father anymore .

He had everything now .

No one knew that, at the tender age of six, he was the biggest shareholder in Lezhi Holdings .

Lezhi Holdings was the biggest recreational and toy manufacturer and distributor in the world . The company had offices in North America, Europe, and Asia . Many children looked forward to owning a toy from this company .

He, who was part of the board of directors, held sixty percent of the company shares .

Moreover, he was the chief toy designer of Lezhi Holdings . All the toys he had created thus far were popular to the children across the globe .

While other children were playing with their toys, he was already making millions .

His mother did not know of this, though . He had yet to find an opportunity to tell her about it .

As he was brooding on this… The doorbell rang and then, as though something heavy had landed on the door, a loud thud sounded . He could hear his mother's frail voice calling out, "Youyou!"

In a flash, Youyou's pensive and calculative look morphed into a lovely and innocent smile that his mother was accustomed to . He rushed over, opened the door, and jumped into his mother's embrace .

"Mommy, you are back! It was hard not seeing you!"

Youyou lifted his head from her arms and peered at her tired yet smiling face .

"Youyou, mommy is back…"

Yun Shishi dragged her tired body from the door and heard the whirling sound of the washing machine working in the background . She was overcome with familial bliss and that cleared her wretched thoughts .

She was so blessed to have Youyou in her life! He was such an obedient and lovable child .

She was moved to tears and, without changing into her indoor slippers, hugged Youyou tightly .

He rejuvenated her .

Her son was more attentive and caring than other people's daughters!

She thought of Youyou's father and wondered how they could be so different . The son was so sensitive and adorable, while the father was so aloof and detached .

There character and behavior had no similarities at all .

As she studied Youyou's face, she saw the enlarged version of her son, which was Mu Yazhe, and shuddered .

The thought of that man coming to take Youyou away terrified her, and she held Youyou tighter . She could not imagine a life without her son .

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