One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 66

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He lowered his eyes to look at the hand clutching him . His lips frowned and his thick lashes drooped, perfectly hiding any playfulness in his eyes .

"Grandpa, this is the staff you've trained?" Youyou coldly regarded the chauffeur in his peripheral view and asked indifferently, "Ordering your staff to trouble a child, aren't you afraid of losing your dignity?"

The elderly man gazed profoundly at him for a while before spinning his head around and waved his hand at the chauffeur . "Hai, don't be disrespectful!"

The chauffeur realized his intention with that gesture and promptly retracted his hand .

Youyou tidied up his sleeve, which got crumpled by the chauffeur's hold just then, and turned to leave .

The elderly man watched the child's departing figure in a trance . He knitted his brows and pursed his lips .


"Hai, do whatever you can to find out about that child's identity and background!" The elderly man ordered with a tap of his walking stick .

He must thoroughly investigate that child's identity because his instincts were telling him that he could not be wrong; that child definitely had the Mu family's blood running through his veins!

Once he got home, Youyou put down his bag and tied a teddy bear apron to his waist . He moved a small stool over and started to get busy in the kitchen . Cooking rice, washing the ingredients, turning on the fire, and cooking the dishes – the little boy stood on the stool and held a large ladle . His movements were fluid and skilled . In less than an hour, an entire table of dishes, comparable to a feast prepared in a five-star hotel, was served for dinner .

He looked at the clock and saw that it was still not the time for his mommy to leave work . He proceeded to carry the clothes he had worn to the balcony . Even when he was done with the laundry, Yun Shishi had not returned home .

The little boy raised an eyebrow . He fished out a magazine from his bag again and went over it page by page . Propping his chin on his hand, he glided through a few pages before staring intently at a picture . He knitted his brows in rumination . He suddenly took out his phone from his pocket and dialed a number .

Right after, he took out a voice changer; this was a gadget he had pieced together . He set it to the voice of an adult man and attached it to the side of his phone's receiver . His youthful voice then took on a man's deep voice .

"Mr Li, this is Arthur . "

On the other end of the phone, a man's voice could be heard speaking in a respectful manner .

"Yes, sir! How may I help you?"

Youyou tilted his small face, his fingers rhythmically drumming the table top . There was a glint in his eyes .

"Help me check a person's background . I want to know everything that there is to know about him, including his every move . "

"Yes, sir, please continue . "

Youyou's line of sight landed on the picture in the magazine once more . His fair fingers slowly caressed the handsome face's side in the picture . He then grinned .

"Disheng Financial Group's CEO, Mu Yazhe . "

"Roger that!"

"Everything must be clear and detailed . Compile the information into a document and email it to me . "

"Alright . "

Yun Tianyou ended the call and fell into deep thought .

He never believed that there would be two identical leaves in the world .

He also never believed that a man in this world with his exact facial features could exist without having a connection to him .

Therefore, he was strongly suspicious of his relationship with this man .

He had asked his mother about his father when he was younger, but Yun Shishi, who treated him as a child, had never told him the truth .

She only said that his father was an officer in the army . He worked in the front lines, but there was no news of him anymore .

In fact, this was not the first time he had suspected that his father was of another identity .

However, he was not that concerned about his father's identity . Having his mother was enough for him, after all . Daddy and whatnot did not matter . His life would not have any changes with or without the man, would there?

Although he did not care, it did not mean that he was not curious .

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