One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 65

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He watched the little boy walk past his car . The little boy's handsome profile and his somber but noble mannerism, especially that elegant curve of his lips and the refined air he was exuding, were exactly like Mu Yazhe's!

He was even an exact copy of little Yichen, as if the two were cast from the same mould .

If it were not for the elegant, deep, mature, and modest aura that the boy was radiating, which was completely different from Yichen's, he would really think that the child was little Yichen himself!

He was slightly astonished . This child's physical appearance was so similar to Mu Yazhe's .

Looking at the child, he seemed to be about six or seven years old . One could tell that he was from an ordinary family from his clothes, but how could there be such a coincidence?

A passing breeze swept the child's bangs away . It just so happened that the child lifted his face at this moment . Taking a good look at the child, he could say that this… was no mere coincidence!

The elderly man reached out and pushed open the door of the vehicle . Noticing his action, the chauffeur hurriedly alighted from the car and walked over to his side to provide him support .

The elderly man, however, refused his aid and shoved him to the side . He leaned on his walking stick and rushed in the direction of the child . The chauffeur hastily tailed him . Grandpa Mu had a weak body and had to visit the hospital every month . Before leaving, the young mistress incessantly reminded him to take care of the Old Mu, so nothing must go wrong!

Youyou was walking at a steady pace, neither quick nor slow, yet the distance between him and the elderly man still gradually grew .

The elderly man pointed at the little boy . The chauffeur quickly strode forward, grabbed Youyou by his sleeve, and pulled him over .

"Stop right there!"

Youyou, who was intercepted by a strange man, was unable to comprehend the situation . Although he was forcibly stopped from walking, his good upbringing had him returning this rudeness with an elegant smile .

"Sir, what's the matter?"

An old voice came from behind .

"Child, turn around and let me have a look at you!"

Hearing that, Youyou casually turned around and faced the elderly man with a grin .

He was brought up properly, so he was well-mannered and respected the elderly .

The elderly man seemed to be in his sixties . Despite his frail and sluggish constitution, his eyes were as sharp as a hawk .

His face was expressionless, yet he seemed dignified . His entire being exuded an air of magnificence and intimidation . He was likely a man who had braved countless storms . Just a look and one could tell that he was a powerful figure in his prime .

Looking closely at the child, he could not believe his eyes!

Could this child, who was already this big, be Mu Yazhe's illegitimate son?

How could that be possible?

Mu Yazhe, that boy of his, had always been heartless to women . Why would he bear a child with another woman behind his back?

This child seemed to be cast from the same mould as little Yichen, though .

Unbelievable .

"Child, what is your name?"

Youyou smiled gracefully . He did not know why, but he disliked this old man's scrutiny of him .

His thin lips arched slightly . He showed a smiling face, but his eyes were a little distant and cold .

"Grandpa, my mommy told me before I left the house not to talk to strangers . "

The elderly man was shocked . Whether it was the look in his eyes or his manner of speaking, the child was surprisingly mature! How was he a six or seven-year-old child?

He… was just like the nine-year-old Mu Yazhe! Smart, calm, and mature – even the look in his eyes was very similar .

"Who is your mother? Tell grandpa!"

"Who my mommy is has got nothing to do with you . " He ended his sentence with a curl of his lips . He turned to leave but got intercepted by the chauffeur again .

This chauffeur, who was trained in martial arts, did not hold back from hurting him .

The curl in Youyou's lips turned cold .

"Let go . "

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