One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 64

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When he was four years old, he could already assemble a super computer by himself .

The system was so advanced that it was unmatched by any topnotch science lab .

Although he had yet to reach seven years old, his achievements already garnered worldwide attention .

However, he hid all these to his mother .

Sweeping his eyes across a bookshelf, he chanced upon an entertainment magazine . The image of a good-looking man on the cover caught his eye .

He tiptoed to reach for the unwrapped magazine .

He glanced at the headline: 'Mysterious woman had a midnight tryst with the Mu prince! Suspected hidden affair exposed!'

The cover was a sneaky shot of a tall, handsome man and a slender girl by a hotel entrance .

This mysterious woman was none other than the latest rising star, Lu Yuxi .

She rose to fame by virtue of the gossips between her and the heavenly king, Gu Xingze . This was explosive news and appeared on the front page of three major tabloids .

Riding high on her notoriety, she signed on with Global Entertainment and appeared in a movie of the company . She became famous overnight in her lead role and was nicknamed as the 'Global Goddess' .

Many speculated that Global Entertainment was willing to sign her on because she had an unusual relationship with the biggest stakeholder of the company who was none other than Mu Yazhe .

By luck, the tabloid managed to get this shot of Mu Yazhe . Known for his elusiveness and dislike of the limelight, gossips about him were scarce . Thus, the paparazzi put more attention to his involvement with Lu Yuxi's private affairs .

Furthermore, the magazine would receive a 'negotiation call' from the Mu Group each time it published a gossip about him .

However, Youyou's attention was not attracted by this piece of news but rather the man in the photo . Every angle of his face bore a striking resemblance to his . They looked to have come from the same mold .

Youyou was wide-eyed with disbelief .

He subconsciously reached to touch his face as he stared doubtingly at the magazine's cover .

It was the same deep-set eyes, high bridge nose, and thin lips!

They looked so much alike!

He was a carbon copy of this man!

Youyou bought the magazine and left the bookstore . As he walked down the street, deep in his thoughts, an extended Bentley drove by .

An elderly man, who was in the back seat and holding a walking stick, wore a stern face . He briefly glanced outside the car window and caught sight of a familiar face .

"Stop the car!" he barked . The startled chauffeur brought the Bentley into a screeching halt .

"Grandmaster, what is it?"

The old man sat motionless as he looked outside the car window like a hawk .

He watched the little boy walk past his car . The little boy's handsome profile and his somber but noble mannerism, especially that elegant curve of his lips and the refined air he was exuding, were exactly like Mu Yazhe's!

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