One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 63

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"200 million yuan . " It was an exorbitant quote .

Mu Yazhe gave a half smile . Disheng Financial Group was powerful and invincible . He could afford to be extravagant, but the purchase had to be worth the price . "200 million yuan? Are you worth that much?"

"You asked me how much I want and said you can afford it, yet you hesitate when I asked for 200 million yuan . "

She tore the check before his eyes .

His face darkened .

With a burst of courage, she grabbed his chiseled chin, stared into his arrogantly handsome face, and snorted . "Men are cheap . Instead of their own, they splurge on other women . Director, don't you know that you can't buy love with money?"

"How much does your love cost?" he snapped back, "Is it worth 200 million yuan?" She was truly an interesting woman to him .

She threw pieces of the torn check to his face .

"True love is priceless," she answered . Pausing for a bit, she pointed a finger resolutely to his chest . "If you really want it… then use this to exchange for it!"

He was stunned for a moment . She took this chance to push him away, open the car door, and jump off the speeding extended Bentley!

Fortunately, the extended Bentley was close to a traffic light and was not moving fast .

She got up from the paved road, held her scratched elbow, and took off without looking back .

Her white dress danced with the wind like a fluttering, beautiful butterfly .

The Bentley abruptly came to a halt .

The secretary, who was sitting in front, was shocked by her sudden action .

In the capital, Mu Yazhe could have any woman at his disposal – a nubile model, a superstar, or even a famous socialite .

He was unmoved by just any woman, however . A woman would be so flattered if he gave her even a second look . Any gossips between him and a female star under Mu's entertainment company would be at the front page of any gossip newspapers and magazines .

Meanwhile, this girl boldly ran away from him! Why? What was she thinking?

She could have all the riches she wanted for the rest of her life .

Was she playing hard-to-get? It did not appear to be so . She was so guarded when she was with him, as if he would devour her like a beast!

The secretary smiled and said, "Director Mu, she is quite the stubborn girl, isn't she? She is really different from most women!"

She liked this humble girl with her fierce pride .

He retrieved his cold gaze . "Drive on!"

The Bentley slowly drove off .

When Yun Shishi still did not return home, Youyou decided to go out and get himself a new hand phone .

The phone his mother had given him was too basic .

It did not even have a GPS tracker he could use at critical moments to locate his mother .

He had always been smart and a fast learner .

When he was four years old, he could already assemble a super computer by himself .

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