One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 60

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Flabbergasted, she raised her head and peered into his deep-set eyes .

The man smiled ever so slightly and forced her to peer deeper into his eyes by holding her chin .

His slender fingers roughly caressed her pale lips .

Yun Shishi let out a yelp of pain and he grinned, his thin lips sketching out into a sexy arc .

He wore a stylish black shirt and long pants . The top shirt's button was undone, providing a glimpse of his seductive form .

His tall and broad frame made the spacious car look small .

His innate noble aura subdued the atmosphere in the car .

She carefully checked him out, and what she saw made her breath catch .

Was he… really her employer six years ago?

She was blindfolded at that time, so she did not have any impression of him . Being able to see him now, he was unexpectedly younger, more handsome, and more elegant than what she had imagined him to be!

Nonetheless, his devilish look and seductive yet ponderous smile made her uneasy!

Mu Yazhe studied with interest the unease, fear, and surprise on her face .

She looked modest and, even more so, frightened, but her naïve reactions were so adorable!

This was not a pretentious act . Such loveliness would sometimes prompt men to pamper women . At other times, it would drive them to trample, invade, and even conquer women just so they could admire their afflicted and charming expressions .

She could tell that he was brooding . She closed her eyes as her chest tightened .

He saw her eyelashes fluttering slightly from embarrassment . With her small hands clasping tightly together, she looked pitiful and evoked heart-wrenching emotions!

The sight reminded him of their wild activities last night . Her coyness and pandering body made his loin unexpectedly heat up .

His body craved for her… so much that he wanted to do her right then and there!

He moved with the thought and clasped the back of her neck .

He pressed down on her and kissed her soft lips hard . Feeling her warm breath, he forced his tongue in and savored her flavor wantonly!

The extremely invasive kiss made her freak out!

She pushed him away with her small hands and fought back with fear . She resisted hard, yet it only made him crave for more .

He kissed harder and deeper until she was almost out of breath before he finally stopped .

Still, he could not bear to part with her . He nibbled, licked, and tried to soothe her lips, which had slightly bruised and become swollen from his invasion .

She was stunned by the kiss . She fell into a daze as her cheeks tinted with red .

Her reaction was awkward and even appeared dumb . She did not know how to respond .

He believed that she was not putting on a show . Such guileless reaction could not be faked .

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