One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 59

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Was he… that employer with a multi-billion net worth?

He was young and astonishingly handsome .

"Miss Yun, please get in the car .

"Miss Yun, please get in .

"Miss Yun? Miss Yun!"

Li Lan politely requested this a few times, but Yun Shishi merely stood outside the car and silently peered inside, seemingly having no intention of getting in .

She walked toward Yun Shishi . Placing a hand on her shoulder, Li Lan noted with astonishment that the latter was trembling and quivering with so much fear .

What was she afraid of? Was she afraid of meeting the director?


If another plain woman were in her position right now, that woman would surely be charmed by Mu Yazhe long ago .

However, she could see that Yun Shishi was truly scared .

"Miss Yun?"

She carefully shoved her shoulder and finally got her moving, albeit with some dragging and forceful assistance .

Yun Shishi wanted to run far from this man who was like Satan to her, yet her legs would not work properly .

With Li Lan blocking her path of escape, she could only reluctantly get in .

As she got in, she bit her lower lip hard and clenched her fists .

Bang! The car door was shut closed!

She was trapped in his space now .

She felt so isolated and helpless, as if she were in a box filled with icy cold water .

She… She was utterly scared! She was scared that this man would snatch away her beloved Youyou, the apple of her eye, from her!

Shaking from anxiety, she lowered her head and dared not look at him . Her heart was in a jumbled mess .

Her head throbbed at the sight of him . Providence must be pulling her leg, and then, almost instantly, an irrepressible chill gripped her heart .

How… come it was him? He was that haughty and arrogant man who had bumped into her that day!

Was it him last night, too?

… . She could not have gotten it wrong! She might not have any recollection of last night, but she still remembered this man's body fragrance from that previous encounter .

'Director wants to see you . '

She recalled the secretary's polite words and her heart sank . Why did he want to see her?

Was her initial guess that this man knew of Youyou's survival and wanted to take her son away from her correct?!

This possibility was so dreadful and despairing to her .

There was no sound or movement in the car except for the scratching sound made by the ballpoint pen on the surface of paper .

The atmosphere was stifling!

She broke into a cold sweat and her palms sweated .

She opened her mouth to break the ice and was vexed when she realized that she knew nothing about the man, including his family name, despite being intimate with him!

She shut her eyes . Dejectedly, she opened her mouth and proceeded to say in an obscure voice, "Mister… Director, you—"

Before she could finish her words, she was heaved onto his lap by him with such coquettish affinity .

Flabbergasted, she raised her head and peered into his deep-set eyes .

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