One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 58

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Youyou… Oh, god! No one could take him away from her!

This was when Yun Shishi realized that it was already the afternoon . If Youyou did not see her when he woke up this morning, he would be very worried .

She promptly reached out for her hand phone in her pocket but recalled that she was not wearing her previous clothes . The phone was missing .

She moved to enter the room again to search for it but was stopped by the secretary .

"Miss Yun, what are you trying to do?"

"I'm looking for my phone . " She took great care not to mention her son as she fretted over him in her mind .

Li Lan took out a brand new phone from a briefcase and passed it over to her . She then smilingly said, "This is your phone . The card is inside . "

The phone was the latest model from Apple . It came with a big screen, a fast 4G network, and even a fingerprint lock . It was worth a few thousand yuan .

She was only willing to buy herself a functional phone that cost a few hundred yuan and would never splurge on such a phone that cost a couple of thousand yuan .

"For… me?" She was dumbstruck . Why was she given a phone?

"Yes . Your old phone broke, so the director wants you to have this . Please accept it!"

She was bewildered . How could her phone break? It was working just fine last night . She of course did not know that Mu Yazhe had thrown away her outdated phone .

She was jittery . The phone felt warm in her hand despite it being cool to the touch .

She secretly wondered if the man involved with her last night was this director .

Li Lan was his secretary . If it did not concern him, this woman would not be here to take care of these things .

In that regard, she did not have the slightest impression of the man .

She was wearing a blindfold that night six years ago, so she never saw his face .

She could only make out his tall and sturdy silhouette under the faint moonlight .

Tall, broad, and handsome – his shape was perfect and almost god-like .

However, that night was a nightmare that she could not forget in the past six years .

She had constant nightmares for six years as she tried hard to forget that shameful past . If it were not for Youyou's existence, she would probably not be reconciled with that event even now .

She kept telling herself that it had all passed, yet she was still traumatized by it .

Hence, in the past six years, although she did not lack suitors, she kept them all at bay .

She did not need any men! Youyou was enough for her . Youyou would be her support for the rest of her life!

Thus, no matter what, she would protect Youyou . She would not allow that man to take Youyou away from her!

However, it was as if lightning had struck her when she finally did see the 'director' .

She was very unwilling to meet the man but was still made to go in the end .

The extended Bentley's door was opened for her . Secretary Li politely urged her to get in car .

"Miss Yun, please get in the car . "

A man regally and elegantly lounged in the back seat . He did not look at her but gazed coolly ahead . His restrained and elegant contours spoke volumes of a prideful emperor .

Yun Shishi could recognize him with a look .

Was he… that employer with a multi-billion net worth?

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