One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 57

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She saw a figure sitting on the sofa . Well-mannered, dressed in crisp office attire, and had neatly tied up hair, the person was a woman through and through .

She was in a state of shock earlier and did not realize that another person was in the room .

She squinted to get a better look of the figure, but the room's dim light prevented her from seeing her face clearly .

The voice sounded familiar, though . She stayed still .

"You are… . "

The person stood up upon realizing that she was fully conscious . She walked toward the window and drew the curtains open .

As the light streamed in, the woman turned around politely . Yun Shishi finally had a chance to take a careful look at her .

She looked very familiar . She probably saw this woman before but could just not recall it .

Secretary Li saw that she was still dazed and ignored her questioning look . She took a glass of warm water and a small tablet from a nearby table and respectfully handed them over to her . "Miss Yun, please take this medicine . "

After what had happened last night, Yun Shishi was suspicious of anything given to her by strangers . She stared at the woman and refused to take the drug .

Secretary Li understood her concerns and smiled . "Rest assured; this is a morning after pill . I'm sure Miss Yun doesn't want any complications, so please take this medicine . "

Dumbfounded, Yun Shishi flushed the pill down her throat with warm water .

After taking the pill, her lips trembled from anxiety .

Secretary Li wasted no time in bringing out a fresh set of clothes, complete with underwear, for her to change into .

All fit her perfectly .

Yun Shishi blushed and fidgeted with the underwear . The secretary understood her action and left the room discreetly . Only then did she change into the new articles of clothing .

Yun Shishi opened the door and saw the secretary standing outside . Seeing that she had finished changing clothes, the secretary asked with a polite smile, "Miss Yun, are you ready?"

The secretary's smile brought back memories tucked deep within her .

This woman was obviously… .

She widened her eyes in disbelief and pointed a stiff finger at the secretary . "You are… . "

Did this woman really just feed her that morning after pill?

How ironic . Six years ago, because of the contract, this woman was on her hands and feet to protect the babies in her womb .

Six years later, at this very moment, she assisted her into taking a morning after pill .

Secretary Li did not respond to her shocked reaction and, instead, smilingly said, "Director wants to see you . "

"I refused!" she rejected immediately, adding, "I don't want to see him . I refused!"

She would not forget about this woman and, in fact, remembered her very well .

Although she did not immediately recognize her, she easily recalled the employer's secretary who had been with her through that eight-month long pregnancy .

Nonetheless, her heart was still filled with anxiety and many questions . She did not understand why this woman was the first person she saw this morning .

What actually happened last night? Was it connected to that man in any way?

How could that be? That was an absurd thought .

However, if not for that, then what was this about?

… Youyou!

Did… that man find out about Youyou's existence, and… did he look for her to take back Youyou?

Was he looking to settle the score with her for hiding Youyou's survival from him?!

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