One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 56

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"Young mistress, don't be angry . Master must have been held up by something important… . "

"Something important? What could be so important that he needed to stay outside for an entire night?" Mu Wanrou laughed hysterically, revealing the sinews on her face .

Her uneasiness abounded . It seemed that what she cherished would be robbed from her .

She bit her lower lip as she felt a strong sense of foreboding .

Alcohol could be such an irritating thing . This was even more so for a very lightweight drinker .

It was already two o'clock in the afternoon when Yun Shishi woke up .

She opened her sleepy and fatigued eyes and saw the lavishly decorated suite . She dazedly tried to recall what she was doing there, but her mind was a blank .

She remained dazed even after the night of debauchery and could not recognize the sight before her .

The side effects of the drug wiped off any recollection of last night's events . She could only vaguely remember being forced to drink half a glass of liquor and falling unconscious .

She could not recall anything after that .

Her body was tired and dehydrated, yet she failed to draw a logical guess about last night's events from that .

Why was she lying naked in bed here?

She was filled with deep fear and shock!

She was so beaten up after last night's ferocious lovemaking .

She was unaware of this, though . She moved to get up and felt an ache between her legs .

Sharp pain coursed through her .

Her heart went boom ; this feeling was not new to her .

This was obviously a feeling that came only after… making love .

Her eyes turned dull . She swiftly jerked open the quilt and was startled to see her body full of bruises .

The dense sly hickeys and pitch scars were like horrifying poisonous bites!

Her heart jumped in that instant and she froze .

In the dressing mirror, her face resembled a cracked mask that was on the verge of being smashed!

She finally realized what had happened to her!

Although she had not been touched by a man in the past six years… She was no longer that young and naive sixteen-year-old girl . The aching sensation told her of last night's activity .

She was vexed and tried to recall every scene of yesterday, but her memory could only go up to that moment when she was forced to drink liquor .

She only remembered Li Dongqiang .

Was it… him?!

Oh, god! What trouble did she get herself into?

Yun Na owed him money . Did that mean she had to suffer because she was her sister?

She was struck with great despair and uncontrollably shook with fear .

As she lay there stonily, a respectful and familiar voice sounded .

"Miss Yun, you are awake at last!"

Yun Shishi was startled by the abrupt voice and turned to look in astonishment .

She saw a figure sitting on the sofa . Well-mannered, dressed in crisp office attire, and had neatly tied up hair, the person was a woman through and through .

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