One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 55

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What an impish little fellow!

Mu Yazhe was rather dumbfounded .

The kid could be such an imp!

"Sure . I will give her a pay raise . " It just took this one line to coax a child .

He was able to settle the child with this line just like how he would do with Little Yichen . When he was about to hang up, the little fellow quipped like an adult, "Uncle, do take care of my mommy! Thank you!"

After hanging up, Youyou stared at the phone in his hand and his gaze turned pensive .

When Yun Shishi did not return last night, he was unable to sleep well .

He was worried when he could not find her even in the morning, so he lied about being sick and requested to be excused from school, and the teacher readily agreed .

In his kindergarten, he was not the same as how he appeared before his mother . There, he was recognized as a prodigy .

Even the teacher was amazed . Not only was he exceptionally talented, he was also mature and collected for his age .

Although he looked like an innocent bud to his mother and seemed to be no different from any five or six year olds, his intellect was well-known to his teacher and classmates .

While other kids his age were struggling to count to ten, he was already solving math questions even high school students had trouble solving .

It sounded fantastical, yet it was the truth .

The reality was that he was already a member of Mensa International despite not having reached the age of seven .

This international organization brought together all the brilliant geniuses in the world . It boasted as the world's top genius association with having high IQ as the only membership criterion .

In this organization, he was the youngest among those with the highest IQ . He had even more shocking secrets behind him .

He, however, did not dare show this side of him to his mother because the latter liked his cute and lovely side .

If it were possible, he would be his mother's little cutesy boy for the rest of his life .

Although he sounded pacified when he hung up the phone, his brows were actually furrowed as he mulled over the matter, which he knew was not simple .

That man on the other end was suspicious .

Meanwhile, Mu Yazhe glanced at the outdated hand phone in his hand . He removed the SIM card from its slot and proceeded to throw the phone into the trash can .

He turned around, opened the door, and strode off .

He did not know that his overnight stay outside caused the Mu residence to lose its sleep .

Mu Wanrou waited for him to return home for an entire night, yet, even at dawn, there was still no sign of him .

She sat in the dining hall frigidly and stonily . She was so angry that she wanted to smash something . The servants moved cautiously around her to avoid drawing flaks from her .

He had a fixed schedule . Even if he had a big case to settle, he would still return home to deal with it when night fell .

This was because… He would accompany Little Yichen for dinner, revision, homework, et cetera every night . This had never changed . However, for the first time, he missed his appointment with his son last night .

Little Yichen sulked the whole night . He did not do his homework and refused to have dinner . He was so used to his father's company, so when he did not return home, his mood was terribly affected .

Thus, he unhappily left for school this morning .

Although he had yet to tie the knots with her, he would at least return home on time for Little Yichen…

What happened last night that could be more important than Little Yichen?

Her heart tightened in frustration . In a fit of anger, she threw the glass of milk on the floor .

The glass splattered, and a splinter cut across the face of a servant .

"Young mistress, don't be angry . Master must have been held up by something important…"

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