One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 50

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Mu Yazhe was startled and lifted his eyes in surprise . He reached out, grabbed her chin, and pulled her face closer .

He lowered his head to scrutinize her and saw that her eyes were a bottomless pit of strain and confusion . He could tell that something was off with her .

While he was lost in his thoughts, Yun Shishi tightly held his shoulders and pushed her crimson face onto his, eagerly reaching for his lips .

He narrowed his eyes and tried to duck, but she smothered his neck and refused to let him do so . Without hesitation, she broke into his lips .

Her kisses were unrestrained, yet they lacked skills . They were callow, clumsy, and slightly desperate .

Compelled by the menacing desire within her, she ravaged his cold, thin lips like a demon .

Her teeth gnawed at his moist lower lip . The tip of her tongue licked his lips indiscriminately . The scorching whiff from her nostrils took his breath away .

Despite her unskillful kisses, his body was unbearably aroused .

She kissed with wild abandon . Her heavy kisses eventually made their way down his larynx, the tip of her tongue leaving a wet trail and her teeth giving a small bite .

He shuddered uncontrollably and glared heatedly .

However, her barren body unknowingly craved for more . The series of movements caused the dress straps to completely slip off her shoulders . The dress slid and fell to her waist as she moved her body even closer to his .

Her exposed flawlessly delicate shoulders were breathtaking and flooded his body with heat .

He looked down at the coltish woman in his arms . She seemed to be unaware of what she was currently doing!

He deemed himself as a man with absolute self-control . He could even resist touching his fiancée, yet this particular woman's provocation was irresistible to him .

"Save me… save… me… . "

The drug in her body pushed her to seek for more .

She opened her naked eyes and eagerly reached out her hands to clumsily unbuckle his waist belt .

Driven by her primal instinct, her mind was blank on why she was doing this .

The contours of the man's sexy face were beaded with perspiration . He tried his best to contain the anger in his heart .

His body was actually very aroused by her .

There was no lack of stunning women around him in these ten years, yet he remained unperturbed . No matter how they tried to seduce him, he was not stirred .

What he did not know was that the body had its recollection . Once it had a taste of something good, it would not forget .

He had no idea what this woman possessed that could remind him strongly of what he had once tasted .

Her small trembling hands were running afoul in his arms . She moved crudely and chaotically . Frowning slightly, she tried to follow her instinct but did not seem to know how to proceed .

His throat tightened at this . An electrifying and numbing sensation shot through his loin . This woman was out to get him out of control!

"It's so unbearable… so unbearable… Help me… Help me quickly… . "

She did not know how to continue . She kissed him with quivering lips, asking for his help .

"Save me quickly, yes?! Please save me, alright?! It's so unbearable… . "

She stood up and circled his waist with her pale and beautiful arms .

Her lips, like lily, pressed against his and completely destroyed his last bit of sanity .

He lifted his hand and dug into her hair . Hooping the back of her neck with his palm, he pulled her closer to him .

He bowed and bit her lower lip ferociously . His cold gaze locked onto her face .

"Remember; you asked for this!"

Grabbing her flimsy waist, he held her firmly in place with his powerful arms .

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