One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 5

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He had no time to care for her pain, as, right now, he only brazenly wanted her .

To him, this was just an intimate session . No men would like to waste time on this, especially when it involved a woman they had no feelings for!

Being compassionate to her?

He was her employer . He even gave her a handsome reward . This pain was something that she ought to deal with .

That pain, along with the grievances and hardships she had to stomach, flowed out uncontrollably with her tears .

She exclaimed once from the pain, her eyes turning completely red, but she stubbornly bit on her lower lip and strove not to let her weak side show . However, she was truly unable to endure such a violent invasion . She panted heavily until she was no longer able to hold it in and broke into intermittent sobs .

"Oh… oh…" She broke down like a lost kitten in the end .

The man was like a cold-blooded emperor, robbing her of everything to the point of cruelty .

The boundless pain she felt was just like the unrelenting ocean waves; as she was drowning, she was floating and sinking continuously .

Slowly letting herself go, she gradually zoned out . She stretched out her fingers to reach for something, but there was nothing she could hold on to . Everything in front of her was black and her mind was in a state of disarray .

They fit each other perfectly .

Perspiration heated up their bodies . Mu Yazhe buried his fingers into her hair . He only felt greedy for more .

She implored him with a clouded mind .

During their excitement, he suddenly felt a puff of warm moisture on his neck . He lifted his eyes slightly, only to see her biting her lip and whimpering from the agonizing pain .

Mu Yazhe's face stiffened . Gazing on the small face that was enduring it, he subconsciously lowered his head and smacked her lips with his . The tip of his tongue intruded her cavern and captured the little snake within . He twirled it around with his and drowned in all her sobs .

A kiss, to him, was a taboo!

Kissing meant that they were mutually in love!

He had never kissed a woman before because, in his eyes, their lips were filthy . The women lingering around him were always socialites, daughters from wealthy families, or celebrities, and he had never touched any of those butterflies . However, he did not know why, but he actually kissed this one .

To be accurate, she was his first . He had never known that the sensation of a kiss could be this delicious .

Mu Yazhe slightly squinted his eyes and pressed on to her . From within a suffocating suppression, he quenched his raging thirst with poison .

On the bed were tender and romantic sentiments .

They sank into ecstasy… .

Within the darkness, Yun Shishi opened her eyes . The piece of red silk on her eyes was totally soaked with cold sweat .

She heard the sound of shower water running from the bathroom .

She slightly nudged her body, but a sharp pain emanated from her fingertips . It turned out to be from when they were having their intimate session; her fingers clutched on to the ends of the bed . Her nails broke from all the clutching she had been doing and they sank into the tips of her fingers .

She pretended to be calm to comfort herself . Everything was over . Everything had ended… Hopefully, just this one time was enough to get her pregnant .

She had to wait until she delivered his child . Afterward, she could get the money and leave, returning to her normal life .

It was now past midnight .

Mu Yazhe took a shower and changed into a set of clothes . His tall and broad figure stood in the room, and it was overwhelming . His eyes remained emotionless . Under the moonlight, the woman curled herself in the white sheets and continued to pant . On her smooth body were traces of his brutality .

The pool of blood on the bed spread out just like a bloody flower in bloom . A ghastly sight .

Yun Shishi lay motionless in bed, her back facing him . Her body, which was curled up, was trembling and was as stiff as a stone . He looked at her – her silky, soft hair, unkempt and completely drenched in sweat, messily draped on the edge of a pillow .

He gave her a cold glance and motionlessly stood there for a moment before turning to leave .

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