One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 49

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The bellow slowly faded away .

Yun Shishi heaved herself into a sitting position with great effort . She lifted her heavy head and swept her blurry eyes around . She felt as if the whole world were tumbling down .

She seemed to have lost full control of her body as it became pliant with heat . Seeing no one around her, she could not care less where she was .

This torture had taken away her last strand of rationality . She reached out with quivering hands and painstakingly tore her dress .

This was when a tall figure stepped through the door . The man had a compelling demeanor, and the instant he appeared in the suite, the whole world seemed to condense .

The door closed with a bang , and the room was once more engulfed in darkness .

Inside the spacious suite, her hurried and strangled gasps echoed about .

The labored breathing, accompanied by soft moans, continued to pass through her pale red lips . Everything was full of coyness .

Everything was so unbearable . Her body seemed to have a huge piece missing, and nothing was able to fill that void .

Her arms flailed in the air, as if she were trying to catch hold of something to stuff in her, yet she herself could not tell what her body needed!

It was so hollow and so empty . She felt so hollow and empty inside that she seemed to have fallen into the abyss!

She reached out and held her body tightly, hoping that she could restrain this consuming lust with each strong grasp . However, with every touch, her body merely tickled with thrill and uncontrollable excitement!

Mu Yazhe threaded through the darkness and slowly made his way to her . When he reached the side of the king-size bed, he stood there with bowed head .

Under the retro-light fixture, the white quilt entangled at her waist .

Yun Shishi was unkempt and disheveled at this point . The black shoulder straps of her dress had slid down her delicate shoulders . Her face was strangely blushing, her eyes were constantly blinking, and her hands were weakly tugging at the dress . She appeared to be in great pain .

He motionlessly eyed her until the black of his eyes deepened . He had never imagined that their next meeting would be under such circumstance .

That man before said that he had bought her for 200,000 yuan .

Was the remuneration he had given her six years ago not enough that she would sell her body like this? Or was she this kind of woman to begin with?

She hungered for money and power that she would willingly exchange her body for both!

Was he her first customer? How many men had touched her body since then?

He pursed his lips in distaste . His clear eyes hid a trace of bitterness . With a touch of disgust, he moved to walk away .

Behind him, she somehow found the strength to sit up in the bed . Stretching out her arms desperately, she managed to circle his waist tightly from the back . She would not let go!

"Don't go… I'm dying… Save me… . "

The man stiffened . His back was affixed with her soft and warm body . She greedily placed her small face on his back and lustfully groped around his waist as she whimpered, "Don't go… Save me; save me, alright… Save me… . "

He could no longer step away .

He slowly turned around . She took this opportunity to throw herself into his arms . She encircled his shoulders with her arms and plastered her feeble and delicate body on his .

It was as if, by doing this, the fire within her would be assuaged .

Only then did he realize how scalding hot her delicate body was .

Mu Yazhe was startled and lifted his eyes in surprise . He reached out, grabbed her chin, and pulled her face closer .

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