One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 45

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"What do I mean?" The man chuckled . Someone behind him sneered . "Your sister, who doesn't know the rules, came to us for some powder without money and stuck with us every day . She owes us 200,000 yuan – no more, no less!"

200,000 yuan!

Yun Shishi was stunned . She felt her mind buzz as her eyes widened in disbelief .

She thought that Yun Na was just on her rebellious phase and often went outside to only have fun, so she never put much thought into her actions . She assumed that she was simply hanging out with some gangsters and would get herself in the right mind sooner or later .

Never did she expect that she would be wild enough to dare play with drugs! She even owed these people 200,000 yuan!

The sum of 200,000 yuan… Selling off their father's condominium might not even be enough to pay it off!

She stood rooted to the spot, her body as stiff as a stone . The man blabbered on beside her, "Has no money and still dares to play with drugs . What a turnoff! You tell me; how am I supposed to get this money back? Don't tell me we have to go knock on your door to collect it?"

The man called Li Dongqiang, who was high from holding a sexy woman in his arm, removed the cigarette between his lips and stubbed it out with a grin . "Since the younger sis can't pay us back, surely the older sis can pay it for her?"

Her eyes darkened . "I… I don't have that much money . "

Let alone 200,000 yuan, she would be unable to pay them even if the amount was 20,000 yuan or 2,000 yuan!

The man stared at her with disappointment . "No money? Qiang, this chick said she's got no money!"

"The sum of 200,000 yuan is not small . "

Hearing this, Li Dongqiang gave a salacious smile . "No money? Pay with something else, then!"

The man immediately understood the other's intention . Lowering his head, he lewdly eyed her and he was very satisfied with what he saw .

"With your fine looks, accompanying Qiang for a few days should be enough to pay off your sister's debt! You should feel honored, little missy! Those women outside can't even pique our interest like you do!"

"No!" she firmly refused .

The man was so furious that he laughed . He lightly tapped her cheek and pointed to Li Dongqiang . "You should know your place and learn how to appreciate the pleasurable things in life . Know who this is? He's the boss of the street where this nightclub is at in the capital, yet you dared to refuse his offer? Are you courting death?!"

He forcefully overwhelmed her and pinned her on to the sofa . Li Dongqiang immediately pulled her over . With one hand, he poured out a glass of whiskey . He proceeded to stain his fingers with white powder and smear the rim of the glass with it before passing it over to her .

Drops of alcohol splattered all over the table .

"Drink this!"

She gazed at the glass of alcohol and almost hyperventilated .

"I… I don't know how to drink!"

Forget whiskey; she did not even dare to drink beer . Her body had a special constitution: one gulp of any alcoholic beverage would knock her out . If she took so much as a sip of this liquor, she would surely be unable to get out of this room at all .

Li Dongqiang clucked his tongue, his bushy brows furrowing deeply . "Why? Not willing to give me face?"

"I really can't drink!" At a loss, she tightly clasped her hands together .

"Follow my order while I'm still being nice to you!"

Li Dongqiang noticed that being nice did not work on her, so he signaled the man beside him with a gaze . Understanding his intention, the lackey moved over and gripped her chin . He then pried her lips apart and poured the alcohol in the glass into her mouth .

Accompanied by the rich smell of alcohol, mouthfuls of whiskey quickly flowed down her throat . This caught her by surprise and she suffocated and choked on the alcohol . The liquor burned as it traveled down her throat, causing her face to turn beet red and her eyes to tear up .

Unknown where she got the strength, she managed to push the man away . The glass shattered into pieces on the floor .

She desperately held her throat with her hips bent over and had a violent coughing fit that caused her to vomit several times . As if a fire was raging from within, she felt a strong burning sensation in her stomach .

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