One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 35

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Losing her identification card was simply adding fuel to the fire to Yun Shishi, who was already facing living constraints and desperately looking for a job .

The day after she lost her identification card, she went to apply for a replacement, but the local police were truly and overly lazy . They dragged and delayed again and again, as if they were not taking her seriously, by giving her all sorts of perfunctory excuses .

Two weeks had gone by, yet a temporary identity document was still not issued . She almost burst into rage at the police station .

She went to several job interviews, but all the companies rejected her application because she did not have any identity documents .

She did not inform Yun Yecheng about her getting fired from her job, but he somehow caught wind of it, and despite not knowing the reason why, he gave her money for living expenses .

When her friend, Xiao Xue, who had just returned from overseas, also learned of this, she generously lent her a hefty amount to tide her over until she found a new job .

Xiao Xue was a close friend and confidante that she met in high school . They were really close to each other and were more like real sisters .

When hearsays of Yun Shishi's pregnancy spread around the campus back then, everyone suspected her of being provided by a boss . Only Xiao Xue stood up for her without a second thought .

Originally, they promised to study abroad together, but Yun Shishi ended up not going because of problems in her adoptive family . Xiao Xue absolutely hated her for breaking that promise and even pointedly ignored her at one point in time .

Eventually, their misunderstanding was resolved .

Now that Xiao Xue was back in the country, Yun Shishi brought Youyou along to welcome her .

The moment they saw each other, Xiao Xue, with glistening eyes, tightly held Yun Shishi in her arms at once .

Three years apart . The longing and affection . Tears uncontrollably welled up in Yun Shishi's eyes, as all sorts of overwhelming emotions surged forth within her .

Xiao Xue was about to properly complain of her failing to keep up with their appointment when, in her peripheral view, she spotted Youyou standing by her side .

In a split second, Xiao Xue's eyes widened to the size of a bronze bell . She stared unblinkingly and blankly at such a cute boy for a long time .

Although she had seen much of the world, she was still instantly attracted by Youyou's handsome and youthful features!

This was especially the case when his radiant orbs, which were as clear as water, stared at her as he gave her a gentle smile – his looks were truly enough to melt her heart!

"Ahhhh! Oh, my god! This little guy is way too cute!"

Xiao Xue bent down halfway and cupped Youyou's fair and clear face . She badly wanted to rub him into her embrace and give him smooches .

She asked, "Hmm? Shishi? Is he your younger brother?"

Yun Shishi grinned and thereafter explained, "No! Let me introduce you to him . This is my son, Yun Tianyou . " Pausing for a moment, she then said to her son, "Youyou, this is Auntie Xiao Xue, the one mommy told you about before . "

Stupefied, Xiao Xue's expression instantly froze . "What?! What did you just say?!"

With an elegant and gentle smile, Youyou answered on behalf of Yun Shishi, "Aunt Xiao, hello! She's my mommy . I'm Yun Tianyou . Aunt, you can call me Youyou . "

Son? Mommy? What on earth is going on here?

Xiao Xue was momentarily dumbfounded . She examined them back and forth; this little guy's soft, pinkish lips and faint dimples were exactly the same as Yun Shishi's .

She thought that Yun Shishi getting pregnant was just a rumor . Never did she think that it was actually true . All of a sudden, she felt overwhelmed by all this information about her best friend!

Huh? That was not right! No matter where one looked, this child was already six or seven years of age . Calculating the time when he was born, it was probably one year before she went to study abroad!

Yun Shishi could not help but laugh . "It's a long story . Let's eat first . "

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