One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 34

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These past few years, she thought that she had not given herself away even once . Moreover, with the DNA results as a piece of 'evidence', she had nothing that would cause suspicion .

Mu Wanrou quickly cast her doubt away, but the weight did not lift off her shoulders .

Could it be because of that child? Perhaps, Mu Yazhe had known all along that the child was alive and was only hidden away by that woman, so he had someone investigate her identity when he suspected her of harboring malicious intentions toward the Mu family .

It was surely because of that!

Mu Wanrou suddenly raised her head . She looked at Aaron while feigning her calmness, and coldly ordered, "Don't tell anyone that I saw these documents, get it? Just treat it as if you didn't see anything!"

Aaron slightly stiffened . He obviously did not know of the reason behind her warning . He only knew that she had removed the information about Yun Shishi's life at the welfare center ten years ago and about Yun Tianyou from the pile . Not lifting her head, she said in a neutral voice, "Don't mention anything about this child, including this woman's past, to the CEO! Also, don't mention this woman's life at the welfare center . Understood?"

He blankly raised a brow . "… . "

When he did not give her an answer, Mu Wanrou's voice became frostier . "Did you hear what I have just said?!"

Aaron lowered his head and remained mum . His superior was still Mu Yazhe . Although Mu Wanrou was admittedly the future wife of Mu Group's CEO, she was just the manager of the Human Resources Department . He need not listen to her orders . The things that the CEO had ordered him to investigate, he naturally had the responsibility to deliver it fully .

Mu Wanrou seemed to have seen through his thoughts, however . Letting out a mirthless laugh, she coldly asked, "What? You think that since you are the CEO's direct subordinate, you don't need to listen to me? You think that because I am just the Human Resources Department's manager, I can't supervise you?"

With a sneer, she stood up . She then approached the man and looked him up and down . Faced with her scrutiny that was like needle pricks, Aaron lowered his head to think as he listened to her speak . "Despite me not having a lot of power in the Mu Group, I believe I still have the ability to drive you into a corner!"

Shocked, he raised his head to look at her .

"Keep your lips properly sealed about this matter, understand?!" she ordered once more .

He remained silent for a long time . Eventually, he sucked in a breath of cold air and nodded his head with some difficulty .

"I understand . "

By the time Mu Yazhe returned, Mu Wanrou had already left with her guilt .

She must do everything to prevent any information of that woman from reaching Mu Yazhe, lest he should figure out the truth!

Mu Yazhe was her man . She would not give him to any other woman!

Aaron might be Mu Yazhe's loyal subordinate, but he knew of Mu Wanrou's position in the Mu family . With Grandpa Mu supporting her, he dared not offend her lightly .

Thus, when Mu Yazhe returned to his office and saw the few documents on the table, he laid his doubtful gaze on Aaron .

Under his piercing stare, Aaron calmly said, "Sir, Yun Shishi is indeed that surrogate six years ago . "

"Hmm?" His eyes glinted coldly . Suddenly, he asked, "Did you find anything suspicious about her?"

"My reply to you, sir, is none . " Recalling Mu Wanrou's warning, he lowered his head and pondered on with an indifferent expression .

"You may leave . "

Mu Yazhe did not probe any further . He was held up with something more important, so he temporarily set this matter aside .

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