One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 3078

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Chapter 3078: The Love Of Your Life (49)

However, little Yueyao cried even harder. She waved her chubby little paws around as she looked innocently in Gong Jie’s direction, as though she wanted him to rescue her!

Gong Jie could not bear to see this, but he also hoped that his sister could carry Yueyao for a little longer. However Yueyao was crying so badly that his heart ached and even his liver seemed to tremble. Hence, he smiled and said, “Sister, let me carry her!”

Yun Shishi nodded and did not insist. She handed Yueyao back to him.

After all, she had a long way to go and there would be many opportunities to spend time with her daughter. There was no hurry.

After a considerable length of time, Yun Shishi could finally see their faces clearly. Gong Jie, Youyou, Little Yichen, and Hua Jin – she could finally see them again, although it felt like a lifetime had passed!

Youyou suddenly threw himself into her arms and hugged her tightly.

“Mommy, can you see Youyou clearly now?”

She hugged him and nodded. “Yes, yes! I can see clearly now.”

Little Yichen too, ran up to her. Like the little treasure he was, he blinked, and made a pitiful face. “Mommy, what about me? Can you see me clearly too?”

She pouted coquettishly. “Yes! You’ve gained weight and look like a little meatball!”

Looking up, she suddenly caught sight of Hua Jin from the corner of her eye. He walked over slowly with a gratified look in his eyes and a faint smile. She suddenly got off the bed and hugged him gently.

“Thank you, Hua Jin!”

“Mommy hugged Uncle Hua Jin. Shouldn’t she give Daddy a big hug too?”

Hearing this, Mu Yazhe turned his face away awkwardly. He had turned strangely red!

This was a little awkward indeed!

He was still not used to being too intimate with her in the presence of other people. He felt that he would be laughed at!

When Yun Shishi saw this, she sneaked over and tugged at the corner of his shirt. She even cleared her throat primly.

“Ahem. Sir, will you turn around?”

Mu Yazhe raised an eyebrow. He did not know what she was doing and turned around with a puzzled look. Suddenly, Yun Shishi threw herself into his arms and hugged his waist tightly.

It was so exquisite and strong. She held him for a long time, refusing to let go.

His lips curled helplessly into a smile!

She lifted her head to look at him; she just could not get enough of his face!

The first thing she saw when she regained her vision was him. It was the happiest thing!

She held his face in her hands and looked at him properly. Her gaze was constantly focused on him, and she finally saw his face more clearly.

He was handsome, as ever. She gazed at his high nose bridge, and thin lips. After his experience with Yueyao, his temperament had settled down and his rough edges had been smoothened!

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Yun Shishi’s lips curled upwards as she inched closer to him. She stood on tiptoe and before she could take the initiative to kiss him, the man smiled indulgently. Taking advantage of the situation, he grabbed her waist and bent down to kiss her.

This kiss was like a long-lost reunion, a perpetual yearning!

It was too odd.

Although they had been together every day, she nevertheless felt that it had taken forever before she could finally see him again!

This kiss was familiar yet strange!

Yun Shishi was grateful to be able to see the world clearly again!

At this moment, a sigh rose from the bottom of her heart!

It was truly a blessing to have him in her life!

She hugged him and pressed her lips against his. “Mu Yazhe, it’s so good to have you by my side.”

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