One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 30

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Aaron did not answer and merely lowered his head to ponder . Mu Wanrou did not pay attention to him . She, the Mu family's young mistress, was the future wife of the CEO . Why could she not go over her future husband's things? Therefore, without another word, she removed the seal and carefully took out the documents .

Aaron was Mu Yazhe's right-hand man . Therefore, he was expectedly reliable in whatever he did, and investigating a regular citizen was truly a simple task . He conducted a thorough investigation within a day and brought everything over to Mu Yazhe's office . However, he did not expect to run into Mu Wanrou . In front of her, he, a mere subordinate, naturally had no say in things, so he did not stop her from looking through the documents .

The information collected was indeed very thorough . The thick stack of documents contained pictures and texts .

Mu Wanrou flipped through them all . From the person's family background and the institute the subject had graduated from down to the subject's résumé, everything was listed out explicitly .

At first, she was puzzled . This was clearly just a normal girl, and she could not fathom why he would order an investigation into her identity . However, the more information she read, the more uncertain she felt .

"Yun Shishi?!" She had a vague impression of this name, but her memories were foggy, until she reached one page, and her expression immediately changed .

It turned out to be that girl who had gone through surrogacy for her six years ago! It was no wonder she found the name a bit familiar . Six years ago, Mu Yazhe and she got engaged, but medical diagnoses revealed that she was infertile . This girl was personally chosen by Grandpa Mu for surrogacy .

Mu Wanrou was a little skeptical, even worried . She could not fathom why Mu Yazhe would want to investigate the girl .

It stated in these documents that Yun Shishi also had a six-year-old son named Yun Tianyou .

Yun Tianyou… six years old… the same age as Yichen .

Mu Wanrou slowly narrowed her eyes . She still remembered that the surrogate had conceived a pair of identical twins back then . However, due to premature delivery and the older twin almost absorbing all the nutrients in the mother's body, when the younger twin was born, he was already not breathing, and he was announced dead .

She suddenly had a bad feeling and proceeded to seriously go through a few more pages, flipping to Yun Tianyou's information . When she reached the end of the report, her palms became clammy while her heart boiled with rage .

In the portfolio, she saw another set of photographs . She hastily took all of them out and checked each piece . The few photographs she saw featured a good-looking boy, with the background being a kindergarten . It seemed that all these photos were taken at a kindergarten .

The boy's delicate features, handsome side profile, and similar appearance to Little Yichen confirmed all her suspicions at once!

Her grip immediately tightened, distorting the photograph .

Mu Wanrou bit on her lower lip harshly!

Could it be that the child did not die back then?

Or that, for these six years, that woman had hidden this child?!

Mu Wanrou was instantly flustered, and layers of ice covered her heart .

What exactly was the intention of this woman called Yun Shishi? The child was clearly not stillborn, so why did she not say anything? Perhaps, she wanted to use her custody rights of this child to properly claim compensation from the Mu's?

Maybe… Her ambitions went beyond that! She might be intending to use the child as a bargaining chip to step foot into the Mu Group .

After all, she was the biological mother of the two children!

As for her, while she was the Mu family's young mistress and future wife of Mu Group's CEO, she was completely unrelated to the two children!

Since ancient times, mothers had always been successful at elevating their status through their sons . This was even more so for wealthy families!

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