One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 29

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"Sorry, Youyou . Today, mommy… lost her job, so…"

Upon hearing this, Youyou, astonished, looked at her with widened eyes . "Why? Did mommy do something wrong?"

Yun Shishi shook her head, stroking his hair . "No… Mommy will go search for a job tomorrow . Mommy is so competent; I'll definitely find a job with a higher pay! From then on, mommy will take you to eat Xiaolongbao every day!"

"Okay…" Youyou's eyes drooped as he nodded obediently . When Yun Shishi was not paying attention, he hid the parent's letter in his hand behind his back, not letting her see it . He then lifted his head and said while smiling, "Mommy, let's go home!"

Yun Shishi, who did not see his little movement, was unaware of what he had hidden away .

This was the case until a few days later… .

After dinner, Youyou obediently cleared up the utensils . Placing a small stool in the kitchen, his small hands washed the dishes with warm water in a clumsy yet focused manner .

He was so considerate and knew to help Yun Shishi around the house that he did not seem to only be a six-year-old child .

Yun Shishi rummaged through the shelves and found an outdated vintage phone . She inserted a phone card in and turned it on . Seeing a few missed calls from Youyou's form teacher, she then returned the call .

The form teacher received her call and informed her about a spring trip to the safari, which was organized by the kindergarten . The parent's letter had been distributed a few days prior, but Youyou had yet to hand in his for submission . Thus, she called Yun Shishi to ask for her consent .

Yun Shishi was a little shaken, as she truly did not have knowledge of this matter . Thus, behind her son's back, she secretly rummaged through his small bag . Only then did she see the form mentioned by the teacher .

On the other end of the phone, the form teacher conversed in a somewhat cautious manner, seemingly afraid to say anything inappropriate, "Forgive me for being straightforward; Youyou is really looking forward to this spring trip with the other children . Furthermore, the amount to pay is not a lot… Are you perhaps having any financial difficulties?"

Yun Shishi hurriedly denied, "Of course, not! I'll submit this form along with the fee tomorrow!"

Yun Shishi hung up the phone with a complex expression . Skimming through the form, she then signed her name on it with a pen .

Disheng Financial Group, otherwise known as Mu Group .

Mu Wanrou entered the CEO's office, yet Mu Yazhe was not present . His accompanying assistant, Aaron, who was in the midst of placing a thick pile of documents on Mu Yazhe's table, noticed Mu Wanrou's arrival and promptly lowered his head in greeting .

"Madam . "

"Um," she hummed in response . Sweeping her eyes around the office, she looked at him and asked, "Where is the CEO?"

He replied respectfully, "Oh, boss is not in office at the moment . "

"Where did he go?"

"There's an investment project between Mu Group and Yayuan Group in the afternoon . As to when he will be back, I currently do not know . "

"If this is so…" She trailed off as she caught sight of the thick pile of documents laid on the table . She went over and held some up . Lifting her head, she gestured at them to him, "What are these?"

Aaron went stiff . He hesitated for a moment before giving his reply, "Documents containing the information that boss ordered me to gather yesterday . "

"Information? I should be able to take a look, right?" she probed .

Aaron did not answer and merely lowered his head to ponder . Mu Wanrou did not pay attention to him . She, the Mu family's young mistress, was the future wife of the CEO . Why could she not go over her future husband's things? Therefore, without another word, she removed the seal and carefully took out the documents .

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