One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 2833

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Chapter 2833: She’s Alive!

Mu Yanchen’s expression turned awkward.

Meng Qingxue smiled and held his arm, nodding at her.

“Thank you, Chu He! You were the one who taught me that if I love someone deeply, I must fight for it! Yanchen and I have made up, and we’ve decided that no matter what kind of storms we face in the future, we will face them together.”

Chu He glanced at her and then scrutinized Mu Yanchen. Suddenly, she smiled and said, “As long as there’s mutual understanding. Although this man seems unreliable to me, it’s still a good thing if he’s turned over a new leaf.”

“You…” Mu Yanchen frowned, clearly displeased with her belittling him.

“Since you’ve made up, you no longer have to stay in the hospital like an orphan.” After a pause, Chu He continued, “You heard what the doctor said. He said that I’m recovering well, so you can stop worrying.”

“Are you able to take care of yourself?” Meng Qingxue was still worried.


Chu He furrowed her brow. “You’re pregnant now. If you stay here, I will have to take care of you!”

Meng Qingxue blushed, feeling rather guilty.

“Won’t you feel bored being by yourself?”

“No,” Chu He said. “I like peace and quiet.”

“Then… you have to take good care of yourself!”

After Meng Qingxue and Chu He said their goodbyes, Chu He did not return to the ward immediately. Instead, she went to a cafe as arranged.

She and Lin Mu were to meet at the cafe.

Given that she was unfamiliar with the place, Lin Mu had specially chosen a cafe near the hospital. Chu He asked for directions and walked down a street.

She entered the cafe and waited. Half an hour later, Lin Mu finally arrived.

Lin Mu was the main person-in-charge of Interpol’s Asia region. To be precise, he was also a very important contact person.

Previously when Chu He infiltrated the Gu family as a spy, it was Lin Mu who pulled strings and had everything arranged for her.

Lin Mu stepped into the cafe and swept his gaze around. Chu He, who was sitting in the booth, immediately raised her hand when she saw him.

The moment he saw Chu He, and although there had been some changes over the past five years, Lin Mu instantly recognized her and his body trembled with excitement.

He immediately strode over and sat down in the booth. The first thing he did was to size her up.

After studying her for a long time, his eyes turned bloodshot. He said excitedly, “This is so great… Commanding Officer, you’re actually still alive! When the bad news first came to us, the people at the headquarters expressed disbelief! In their hearts, you were the irreplaceable number one intelligence officer. You definitely wouldn’t have failed easily!”

“Bad news?”

Chu He asked expressionlessly, “Who was the one who carried the news of my death back to headquarters?”

“Actually, it wasn’t news of death.”

Lin Mu took a deep breath and then summarized what had happened five years ago.

Back then, after Chu He infiltrated the Gu family, she had indeed handed over a lot of information to the headquarters. With this information, the headquarters had managed to figure out some of Gu Jinglian’s whereabouts. Hence, Gu Jinglian had suffered quite a bit in many matters.

Gu Jinglian was not a fool, however.

Soon, he realized that there was a spy around him.

No one knew how he ended up suspecting it was Chu He.

But several incidents then led Chu He to realize that Gu Jinglian had become suspicious of her.

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