One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 27

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Yun Shishi lifted her face and looked directly at the man with her pair of moistened eyes . Mu Yazhe's chilling faint smile suddenly froze in place . His orbs constricted and then he squinted hard .

This face, which was trying to act strong, stunned his very being . His mind was momentarily blown away .

She did not even look at his expression . Messily wiping off the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand, she indignantly said, "Mister, I know it's my fault for not looking at where I'm going, but you don't have to act condescending to 'pity' me! I don't need it!"

After saying these words, she was no longer bothered with him and treated him as if he were non-existent . She bent down to pick up the documents on the ground, and turned to leave quickly, not looking at him even once .

Mu Yazhe gazed on her swiftly departing back . He was somewhat in a daze, unable to retract his sight from her for a long time .

The unwavering gaze and stance made his mind fly far out all of a sudden!

Just by rewinding his memories, he could vividly recall the night he shared with the blindfolded, young girl – the girl who was forced to withstand all of him .

He still remembered how he had delved into her delicate body and suffocated in her tightness .

He willfully took control of her . Observing her pinned-down body made him happy, and her miserable, sobbing face – he loved looking at it .

She was such a delicate girl; she was just like a bubble that would pop with one touch .

However, in front of him, she showed a brave face and cautiously protected her poor pride… .

These type of girls could really move men and make them care for them . Therefore, tough as a man he might be, the little tenderness in him was evoked .

Although he was proud and aloof, he was still no exception .

Unlike other women, she had never gone through an intimate session before . She looked young and tender . She was outrageously youthful . She was like an unripe fruit that still tasted extremely sour .

However, that delicate girl just happened to incidentally trigger the desire suppressed deep within him for so long .

He wanted her . His body kept raging so bad that the so-called 'formula' was no longer as simple as that afterward . He wanted her to be his entirely – to be forcefully bound to him – until the last moment of her life .

As an afterthought, it was simply unusual . When was a woman able to seduce him, Mu Yazhe, to the point where he would lose control of his thoughts and she would be able to manipulate him?

Nonetheless, it could not be denied that he, a man who had always been able to control himself, was unable to do so with her around .

After that day, he forced himself not to visit the girl again, as he could intuitively tell that she was a dangerous existence to him .

The noble blood of emperors and overlords flowed in his veins . And just like the wind, he was unfettered by anything . Only he could be tyrannical and domineering . Only he could remain unbound .

He did not like to be out of control because of women or anything else .

He even subconsciously suppressed himself because of these restrictions .

However… his body was actually lingering on these sensations .

The corners of his mouth furled up . He turned around and caught sight of an item on the ground . He slowly leaned forward and picked it up . She had actually left her identification card behind by accident .

In a hurry, she failed to notice her identification card on the ground .

Mu Yazhe could not help but grin . He took out his phone .

"Aaron, help me check on someone . "

"Yes, director . The name is… . "

The girl's bashful and warm smiling face was displayed on the identification card . Her pair of moist orbs was shimmering and lustrous; it was as if they contained a bucket full of sunlight .

The radiance in her eyes seemed capable of stunning people of all eras .

He dragged his words out . "Yun Shishi . "

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