One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 21

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Yun Shishi whispered beside his ear, "I'm sorry… Youyou…"

Youyou opened his little mouth to speak but hesitated . He really wanted to ask: Did his daddy really not like him – not want him – so he threw him away and did not bother with him anymore?

Was he really what those adults said? 'Born to a father but acknowledged by none'?

These questions sprang to his lips, but he forcefully swallowed them back .

Youyou flipped his hand and held Yun Shishi's delicate fingers . He lifted his small face and gazed up at the night sky, speaking softly, "Mommy, even if Youyou's daddy doesn't want Youyou, Youyou still has mommy! Youyou loves mommy the most, so don't be sad! It's all because of daddy that mommy is sad! When Youyou grows up, Youyou will definitely protect mommy!"

Yun Shishi raised her eyes, followed his line of sight, and gazed outside as well . She eventually gave a long sigh and hugged him even tighter .

"Youyou is such a good child… . "

The Mu residence .

In the living room, Mu Yichen, who was sitting on the sofa, suddenly felt a strange throbbing pain in his heart . It was unbearable .

With slightly knitted brows, he gently caressed the area where his heart was located before laying his palm over it . He felt rapid heartbeats inside .

His heart was in pain, and it was almost suffocating .

A maid, who was tidying up his toys, saw him place his hands over his chest, with his face contorting in pain . She frantically knelt down in front of him . "Young master, what's wrong?"

"Heart… painful…" Mu Yichen was covered in cold sweat . "Just like… I was pricked by a needle… uncomfortable… . "

"Just like in the past?" The maid was momentarily at a loss .

The young master had always experienced these heartaches . His heart would suddenly beat rapidly and he would be in pain . However, every time he was sent to the hospital, no cause of pain was detected . He was healthy .

Even the best doctors could not tell what was wrong with him .

Mu Yichen curled up on the sofa and took a deep breath of cold air, looking reserved .

"What's the matter?"

Mu Sheng slowly walked down the stairs with the support of his cane . The elderly man donned a crease-free set of traditional Chinese garments . Despite his old age, he still looked energetic . Under the shadow of his brows, it was not difficult to realize that he was a charming and elegant man during his prime .

"Great grandpa…" Mu Yichen glanced up at him and called out meekly .

No one could shake Mu Sheng's position in the Mu family . He had interacted with so many powerful figures throughout his life that his every word and gesture made people tremble in fear or be in awe .

Therefore, for a rich man's son like Mu Yichen, he also feared his great grandfather .

Mu Sheng, for his part, doted on this little guy with all his heart and soul .

Mu Yazhe was his favorite grandson, and Mu Yichen was his flesh and blood, so it was natural that he doted on him more .

Seeing his beloved great grandson relapsing, his facial expression changed . He hurriedly inquired, "Is your body not feeling well again? Is your heart in pain again?"

His great grandfather showed concern for him, but Mu Yichen instinctively shied away from him . He was clearly afraid of him . He was afraid of Mu Sheng's ever taciturn and stern face . Therefore, he never liked staying close to him . "Nothing!" He replied .

"Nonsense! Look at you! You're in so much pain that you're breaking out in cold sweat!" Mu Sheng was extremely heartbroken .

"Great grandpa, I - I will go upstairs to read books!" Mu Yichen leaped down from the sofa and dashed upstairs .

Mu Sheng looked at his great grandson's back and slowly sighed .

The night deepened .

On the road, a black Bugatti Veyron raced with the wind . Neon lights were projected on the car's streamlined body and the tunnel lights transitioned from light to dark consecutively . Mu Yazhe, who was in control of the wheel, had his deep-set eyes filled with intense rage . The cold moonlight reflected a silvery glow on his perfectly carved face .

He stepped on the accelerator hard with his foot . The engine revved and drowned all other noises .

Tonight, for some reason, he was not in control of his emotions .

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