One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 17

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A rare tenderness appeared in Mu Yazhe's eyes . "Okay, daddy will buy it for you . "

"Daddy, not only do you have to buy me one, you have to play it with me too!" Little Yichen plopped into his arms and greedily savored the moment of warmth between them .

Mu Wanrou, who was silently standing at the side, was somewhat in a daze!

For some unknown reason, she had had an illusion that, no matter what, she would be unable to enter the world of this father-and-son pair .

On Friday night, Yun Shishi brought Youyou back to the Yun household . At first, Yun Yecheng was against her and Youyou moving out, but, understanding her circumstances and knowing her difficulties, he settled for having her visit the house once a week to accompany him for dinner .

Despite Yun Shishi feeling a little fearful, there was no other way to go around this . After all, she owed him a lot . If Yun Yecheng had not taken her away from the welfare center, her fate would have probably been a lot worse .

Yun Shishi carried the groceries she bought and walked behind her son . Youyou bounced up the stairs and saw that Yun Yecheng had long been waiting for them at the corridor . After the company's closure, they sold the villa that they had previously stayed at and moved into a condominium far off from the city center . It was on the eighth floor, and there was no elevator .

Seeing his grandpa, Youyou happily ran over to him and threw himself into his embrace . When Yun Yecheng saw his adorable, little grandson, his heart was immediately filled with delight . Even after a tiring day, despite his frail body, he still managed to hold him up high and hugged him into his folded arms .

"Grandpa!" Youyou beamed, his vivid eyes blinking playfully . He grabbed on to his neck and called out to him sweetly .

"Youyou is so well-behaved!" Her father went closer and planted kisses on his rosy cheeks . "Recently, did Youyou listen to mommy properly?"

"Yup! Youyou is well-behaved!" A sweet smile was plastered on Youyou's small and handsome face .

Yun Shishi brought the things up the stairs . After entering, she wormed her way into the kitchen and started to prepare dinner . Li Qin was still sleeping; Yun Na was out with her friends and would only reach home before dinner .

Yun Yecheng sat on the sofa holding Youyou . Youyou danced with joy and excitedly said, "Grandpa! Youyou went to the mall with mommy today, and mommy bought me a remote-controlled racing car! At first, Youyou wanted to bring it along to play with grandpa… . "

The little guy was suddenly abased and dipped his head, fiddling with his little fingers, "But Youyou doesn't know how to play… Youyou is scared it'll be spoiled… so Youyou doesn't dare to open it . "

Listening to his words, her father's expression changed a little, and his huge hand fondled with his forelock .

Youyou was always very sensible . He never requested for anything expensive . A toy worth a hundred dollars was already a luxury item to him . Nevertheless, he stubbornly wanted it from the bottom of his heart .

Yun Yecheng recalled that one time he had brought the little boy to a small garden to play, and the latter spotted a father-son pair . The two were fiddling with a remote-controlled racing car . They were controlling it and wholeheartedly having fun on the grass . Meanwhile, Youyou hid in a corner and watched the whole scene in envy .

The little boy thought that if there were a day his daddy could play with him like that, it would be such a happy thing .

However, for as long as he could remember, he never saw his daddy before, and his mommy never mentioned him . He could still remember when he asked his mommy where his daddy was . Once he asked that, he saw his mommy's sad expression . From then on, he dared not raise the question up again .

Her father laughed and scratched Youyou's straight and charming nose, teasing him, "Next time, grandpa will help you assemble and play!"

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