One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 15

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She did not suspect this only once . If grandpa had not decided their engagement and this marriage was not established on grandpa's wishes, this man would probably not have looked at her more than once . If he loved her, then why would he not allow her to kiss him and not even say an "I love you" to her?

However, she loved him, with an almost servile manner, so she endured, gave in, and accepted all of him . He was noble, proud, and arrogant . He was the crown prince of the Mu Group . Despite her being deeply doted on by Grandpa Mu, this man was simply out of her reach .

Thus, she comforted herself, for who knew how many times . She told herself that she was the Mu family's fiancée; she was, in the future, going to be the young mistress of the Mu family . In a few months, their engagement ceremony would be held, so she should not make a fuss . She should be satisfied with that . Unfortunately, she was greedy . She did not only want him in that way – she wanted his heart even more!

Mu Wanrou smiled a little bitterly, speaking with a low voice, "You really… really want to be with me, right?"

Mu Yazhe's heart was elsewhere, and the woman's confused expression merely fleeted across his eyes . Noticing that he was lost in thought, Mu Wanrou could not help but grab on to his collar even tighter .

"Zhe, do you really love me? Answer me!"

Mu Yazhe pushed away the persistent Mu Wanrou and returned to the front of his desk, speaking in a lukewarm voice, "Wanrou, don't be willful . "

He lowered his eyes coldly . His voice was emotionless and deep, as if he were pacifying a child throwing a tantrum .

When did she ever throw a tantrum, though?

Mu Wanrou was a child Grandpa Mu had adopted into the Mu family ten years ago . He brought her to Mu Yazhe and got them engaged . Mu was a rich and powerful family of great importance . And Mu Wanrou was all the more so, the apple of Grandpa Mu's eye; she was noble and reserved . She loved Mu Yazhe, but he did not love her back .

This marriage, to him, a person born into a wealthy family, was unnecessary . He was just obeying his grandpa's wishes .

Based on his personality, women were things that he could do without . They were not a necessity . Marriage was just something to keep his grandfather happy . It was a form of contract in disguise . His engagement with Mu Wanrou was no exception . It was just a bargaining chip . The collateral branches of the Mu family were slowly making their moves; many of them were eyeing his position . He was simply using this marriage as a springboard to expand the Mu Empire's territory .

Love? This word was too much of a luxury to him .

What was love? Was it those socialites of the upper class fawning over him, chasing after fame and wealth? Was it the willful and arrogant Mu Wanrou? Was it the inexperienced models and artists wanting to be famous?

In this world of material desires, money and desires intertwined; who would still speak of love?

Other than his mother, he had never loved any other woman . Kinship and love were all out of his reach . He was apathetic, he was cold, and he kept his world shut away .

In the business industry, he could cause a commotion with a wave of his hand . His way of doing things was cold-hearted and firm . In private, one could negotiate deals with him, but they could never think of entering his heart .

Talking about love?

What a joke .

The phone on his table suddenly rang . Mu Wanrou answered the call for him and heard a voice message from the secretary desk . "Director, the young master has arrived . "

A series of footsteps was heard from beyond the door . Soon after, the door to the office was pushed open and a little head emerged .

"Daddy!" The little guy saw that Mu Yazhe was not busy, so he walked in . Realizing Mu Wanrou's presence, a tinge of uneasiness spread on his face instantly . He called out to her flatly, "Mommy!"

Seeing this, Mu Wanrou felt somewhat uncomfortable . She did not know why she was not close to this little boy despite being his "mommy" . Perhaps, it was because he was not her flesh and blood . Without this blood connection, their relationship was of course not as close-knitted as real mothers and sons .

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