One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 11

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After a series of emergency medical treatments, the newborn was finally rescued from the brink death . However, his physical constitution was just too weak, and he was always down with illness . Her poor child was also fatherless from birth . To make up for this, she doted on him with all her might . She gave him all the love she had in her . This was to make him understand that even without a father, the amount of love he received could only be greater!

Hence, she gave him the name 'Yun Tianyou' . While she thanked the heavens for blessing her with him, she also wished that he could grow up healthy .

As for Mu Yazhe, her father helped her conceal the truth from him . Her father had a pretty good relationship with the director of that hospital, and the man went against his professional ethics; helping them falsify the hospital records . Thus, Mu Yazhe remained unaware that the second baby had survived, and Youyou was able to stay with her instead of being taken away from her as well . If the man were to know of Youyou's existence, he would definitely take him away from her; she could not imagine how desperate she would be at that!

After giving birth, she returned to the university to continue her studies . Eventually, her father's company still went under, and later, he filed for bankruptcy to the court . That man did fulfill his promise; after she gave birth to a son for him, he paid her a sum higher than the agreed-on remuneration . He was truly generous .

This also relieved much of her burdens, and the substantial amount of money more or less helped pay off her father's debts .

After the company closed down, Yun Yecheng worked from scratch . Nonetheless, he was already getting on in age, and having gone through the lowest point of his life, he was tied to too many things around him . He had long lost the fight in him . He was unwilling to work too hard again and be ridden with hardship .

Her adoptive mother, Li Qin, stripped off the splendor, regretted marrying the useless old prick, Yun Yecheng . She was originally a housewife, but due to life's constraints, she had to go out and do odd jobs . However, due to her previous life of comfort, she developed a habit of nit-picking and was thus often fired from her jobs . Reprimanded by others at work, Li Qin vented her anger at Yun Shishi and her son .

Yun Na, her adoptive younger sister, had a less-than-stellar academic achievement . Her high school results did not qualify her for university, so she had to settle on enrolling in a vocational school . However, her bossy attitude often led her to some troubles; almost on a regular basis, a handful of shady thugs would come knocking at their door .

After her graduation, she loafed around even more . She had great ambition but no real ability to back it up . Unable to secure any jobs, she idled at home and hung out with those worthless thugs from day to day . At present, the entire household was dependent on her father's measly income, yet Yun Na often misbehaved, frequenting nightclubs, and ended up in lots of trouble .

When Youyou was born, she had to breastfeed him, and this coincided with her studies . It was the toughest period of her life . She could not even sit through confinement properly . As she was accepted into a prestigious university, her workload was heavy . Whenever she was free, she had to catch up with overdue work . On a normal day, she had her part-time job while she took care of Youyou . Her body was on the verge of collapsing .

After graduating from university, she managed to land herself a high-paying job, hence the family's financial situation improved . With her adoptive mother and sister staying at home while she was out working, she was afraid of Youyou being treated in the same way as her by them .

Back then, when she first brought Youyou home, Yun Na apathetically sneered at her . She was unable to forget her calling Youyou a 'little b*stard' even till now . Therefore, as soon as she got herself a job, she left the house with Youyou and rented an apartment for the both of them .

When she had to work, Youyou would be sent to a kindergarten, and he would wait for her at the entrance once he was dismissed .

She was glad that Youyou was a sensible child . Despite his tender age, he was very thoughtful and was rarely willful . He was now even able to return home without her coming to fetch him .

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