One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 100

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Yun Na, filled with shame and hate, kept begging for Yun Yecheng's forgiveness, but her father's anger was not assuaged . He threatened to sever their father-daughter relationship .

That night, she repeatedly scrubbed and cleaned herself in an attempt to remove all traces of stains from her filthy body . She was filled with loathing for Yun Shishi and cursed her to death .

Her red and swollen face from Li Dongqiang's abuse remained like that for several days . On the day of the audition, despite covering it with a thick layer of makeup, she could not conceal the bruises and swelling .

Her pretty face looked wan, swollen, and unsightly .

She was doubtful that she could pass the audition . Sure enough, even before she could start, the director told her to leave .

In her current state, she was just wasting their time .

Yun Na was shocked to see Yun Shishi at the audition site . Her face turned ghastly pale when she recalled what Li Dongqiang had said about her adoptive sister having an influential paymaster .

How did she manage to hook a rich man?

How can that be possible? She is just an average person with an illegitimate son . Which rich man would want her?

Why is she here today?

Don't tell me she found out about my deception on that night?

Yun Na panicked and only calmed down once she realized that her adoptive sister was not even looking in her direction . She tried to make herself inconspicuous and stay out of Yun Shishi's sight .

Kacha .

The door to the audition hall opened once more . The second batch finished their auditions, too . Some looked elated, while others carried looks of disappointment . Audition could be competitive and harsh .

The person in charge of filtering the auditionees went to the door, clapped, and passed some instructions with a loudspeaker .

"Those in the third group, please get ready!"

Gu Xingze gave Yun Shishi's shoulder a light pat . "Go in, Shishi . You can do it . You are my 'Yin Xiachun' . "

She nodded slightly in acknowledgement .

The crowd dispersed . Yun Na watched Yun Shishi enter the audition hall and knew right away that her adoptive sister was there to audition, too .

Who gave her this opportunity?

She transferred her gaze on to Gu Xingze, who was looking at Yun Shishi with encouragement . Was it him?

Oh, god . Gu Xingze had been Yun Na's idol since he first entered the show business a decade ago .

How could he be giving her adoptive sister such a tender loving look? She was just a hooker with an illegitimate child! Life is so unfair!

She helplessly watched Gu Xingze accompany Yun Shishi into the audition hall . Her heart was filled with so much loathing and jealousy that tears welled up in her eyes .

The dance room was used as the audition hall . The room's four walls were covered with mirrors, with a grand piano in a corner . On the rostrum, eight examiners sat side by side . Among them were Gu Xingze, the male lead in the 'The Green Apple', Lin Fengtian, the acclaimed director, and four other well-known producers in the entertainment industry .

Lin Fengtian felt tired after having presided over the last two rounds of the audition and was now having visual fatigue .

This audition, thanks to Gu Xingze's immense popularity, attracted tens of thousands of female participants . Although they were able to reduce the number to a few hundred after the initial selection round, none managed to catch his eyes today .

In the novel, the character, Yin Xiachun, had thick glossy, waist-length hair, fair and delicate skin, that did not need powdery makeup, and round and pretty eyes that were described as 'sparkling with innocence and joy' . She was like a fairy that that had fallen to earth - otherworldly, fresh, and lovely .

However, he was unable to see any of these qualities in the last few batches of auditionees .

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