One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 10

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This charming and lovely young boy looked just like a little fairy . However, right now, the little fairy had a serious look on his face, seemingly possessing the maturity of an adult .

"150 dollars… too expensive…" The youthful voice had a grave tone which was somewhat inconsistent with his age . He was like an old man; the way he furrowed his brows, as he started counting with his fingers . He then sighed in distress and his shoulders drooped, as though he was in a world of darkness .

Yun Shishi helplessly chuckled at his dejected demeanor, yet her heart was slightly bitter . She pursed her lips and reached out her hand to tap his shoulder . The little boy, shocked, twisted around . Realizing that it was her, his face turned a strange shade of red . "Mommy… . "

"Mommy looked for you for so long! Didn't mommy ask you to follow me obediently and not to run around?"

Yun Shishi pretended to be mad, and the little boy clearly felt more guilt . His small hand carefully latched on to her neck . With his lashes slightly drooping, he incessantly blinked his wide eyes as he mumbled, "Mommy, don't be angry… Youyou will not run around anymore!"

"Our dear, Youyou!" She kneeled down and hugged him . "What are you looking at?"

Youyou instinctively pointed at the racing car, but, as though he had thought of something, he quickly retracted his little fingers . He then lifted his face and feigned disinterest . "Mommy, Youyou is just looking and doesn't really want it!"

He might have said this, but his eyes never left that beautifully packed remote-controlled racing car . They have completely given him away .

Her expression went cold . He was still very young, yet he had learned to speak against his wishes . She knew that he really wanted it, but he was trying to help her save up . This was why he was putting on a tough façade!

This child was absolutely a sweetheart from birth!

She laughed and patted his little head . She stood up and went to the counter, indicating the racing car to the cashier . Youyou locked his sight on the toy before looking at Yun Shishi again . As though having guessed what was about to happen, his eyes lit up and radiated with excitement . He ran toward the counter and longingly stared at the beautifully packed toy that was now in the hands of the cashier, not looking away even once .

The cashier placed the racing car on the counter to scan its barcode . The little boy placed his hand on the counter and eagerly hovered over the edge of it on his tiptoe, his small face showing a contented expression .

Yun Shishi followed behind him . Looking at his bright smile, she was visibly moved . If she could not even grant the small wish of her child, then she did not deserve to be called a good mother .

All these years, she had owed too much to this child .

Six years ago, for that man, she gave birth to twins . Because they were premature babies, when they were born, both were quite weak . Youyou's situation was worse . When they were still in her womb, Youyou's brother had taken up too much of the nutrition, and, as a result, Youyou was not breathing when he was born . Her father told her that as soon as the older one was out, he was immediately brought into the nursery ward for newborns and, soon after, was transferred to another hospital . At the same time, the nurse, who had delivered her babies, made an unexpected discovery . Youyou, who was proclaimed to be dead when born, had a trace of faint breath!

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