Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 2296

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Within the Nethergod Palace, both Ming Cangyue and Leng Yueyan sighed with relief. Only now did Ming Cangyue realize that her palms were covered in sweat.

Ever since she had taken control of the Netherworld, her days had been dull and tasteless. In all those years, this was her first time being so nervous.

Leng Yueyan wasn’t much better off. She was clenching the Nethergod Order. If Long Chen had been in danger, she would have immediately activated it.

She could have used the Nethergod Order to send them past the bridge right before they were devoured by the runes. If they had been devoured, even the Nethergod Order would have been powerless.

Leng Yueyan looked at Ming Cangyue and suddenly smiled. “How was that? Wasn’t it stimulating? I’m telling you, Long Chen's ability to court death is unrivaled within all the ten million worlds. Being with him every day will be stimulating.”

Ming Cangyue also smiled. She sighed, “Now I really believe you. He has his own fate. Our help is a disguised form of changing that fate. I wonder if he refused to accept it or if his fate refused to accept it. Looking back, it seems more like his own fate refused to accept our help. If you had used the Nethergod Order, they could have survived, but the Netherpassage divine light would not activate to cleanse their souls. That would leave behind a mark when they ascend. So Long Chen chose his own fate, and it was the right path. The crazy thing is that the crux upon which this fate turned was actually a fellow with ant-like willpower. I suppose the world is vast enough to contain all kinds of oddities.”

Thinking of how the one who had broken the system was actually Guo Ran, Ming Cangyue was especially amazed.

“Do you want to go see him? It might be several years before you see him again otherwise,” asked Leng Yueyan.

Ming Cangyue looked at Long Chen within the image. Then she looked at Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and the others. She shook her head.

Leng Yueyan asked, “What, are you jealous?”

“A bit I suppose. I’m not used to this. Perhaps after having my goodness carved out, what remains becomes antisocial and selfish. Although our souls are one again after being with him, I’m still the original true body. Some things are just very difficult to change,” sighed Ming Cangyue.

“Hehe, the reason you’re thinking like that is because of your position as a god. You don’t want to share with a bunch of mortal girls. A dragon might share with another dragon, but not with some ants. That’s fine. Our man will grow into someone on the same level as us very soon. He’ll definitely be bringing everyone else along with him. You won’t have such a feeling at that time,” chortled Leng Yueyan.

“Hopefully that day comes soon. I’m going into seclusion. I’ve obtained many things from Long Chen that I need to digest. I leave the Netherworld to you. As for Long Chen, tell him… I miss him.” Ming Cangyue blushed slightly before vanishing.

“Is it not over?”

The descent of the divine light startled Long Chen as well. However, it didn’t harm them.

“Don’t panic. This is the reward for passing the Netherpassage Path. The power of the Netherworld’s life and death energy will purify your Yuan Spirits and imprint the laws of life, death, and Samsara onto them. That way, you’ll gradually come into contact with the Life, Death, and Samsara realm.”

Suddenly, the void twisted and a black-dressed Leng Yueyan appeared. Divine light filled the air. The countless runes within heaven and earth flowed toward her, showing their subservience. This kind of phenomenon was truly the sight of a god descending upon the world.

Leng Yueyan had been a peerless beauty before, but adding on her god energy, she made people feel an urge to prostrate themselves before her.

However, seeing her made everyone else jump. They recognized her. How had she appeared here?

Leng Yueyan’s aura was completely different from before. With her god energy, they sensed that she could exterminate all life with just a thought. Although they had never seen a god before, they knew that the current Leng Yueyan was a god.

“Are you here to celebrate with us?” Long Chen smiled.

Leng Yueyan slowly descended from the sky. When she landed on the ground, countless divine runes lit up, forming a black carpet for her.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and Ye Zhiqiu had complicated expressions as they looked at Leng Yueyan. They knew that Leng Yueyan’s relationship with Long Chen was not ordinary, but they had also never asked Long Chen about it.

Even Tang Wan-er hadn’t asked because Meng Qi told her not to. If Long Chen wanted to tell them, he would tell them himself. If he didn’t, then let him be. It would only embarrass him.

The most unexpected thing though was that the former Devil Empress of the Corrupt path had actually become the Netherworld’s god. They didn’t know what to feel about that. They naturally felt lacking in front of her. After all, she was a god.

“There’s no time for a celebration. I came not for you, but for my sisters.” Leng Yueyan shook her head and ignored Long Chen, walking over to Meng Qi and the others.

Hearing that Leng Yueyan was actually calling them sisters, Meng Qi and the others were shocked. They glanced at Long Chen suspiciously. Could it be…?

“Hehe, we’re all one family. Yes, a family.” Long Chen smiled, but that smile was awkward in the face of their suspicious glances.

Long Chen hadn’t brought up Leng Yueyan to Meng Qi and the others. The main reason was that there was no way to speak of those matters.

By calling them sisters, Leng Yueyan was explicitly stating their relationship. Long Chen felt a burning sensation despite his thick skin.

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Standing in front of them, Leng Yueyan still made Meng Qi and the others feel inferior. Despite all being peerless beauties, as a god, Leng Yueyan possessed her own air.

In the past, they had known Leng Yueyan to be beautiful, lofty, and merciless. Now, she inspired even greater respect.

“Our Netherworld doesn’t have many good gifts. I’ve only been able to prepare a few small things, so please accept them,” said Leng Yueyan. “Big sister Meng Qi, as the first to meet Long Chen, you must naturally be called big sister. This necklace is something I specially prepared for you.”

She took out a necklace shining with all the colors of the rainbow. The divine light coming from it made the surroundings look like a fantasy world.

There was a pendant on the necklace with a blue gemstone embedded into it.

When Meng Qi saw that blue gemstone, she let out a startled cry. Although she didn’t recognize it, just by being near it, she could sense her own soul energy growing. This was a treasure capable of improving the speed of a soul cultivator.

“This necklace is made of the Netherworld’s Nine Revolution Gold Essence. Combined with the Nether Soul Stone, it will allow you to cultivate your soul twice as fast and surpass the limit of your Spiritual Strength. Although Netherworld’s objects lose most of their effect upon entering the Martial Heaven Continent, it will still increase your cultivation speed immensely.” Leng Yueyan personally placed the necklace over Meng Qi’s neck.

With the necklace, Meng Qi was enveloped in its light, making her seem like another god. “Thank you, big sister.” This was precisely what she needed to get stronger.

Leng Yueyan smiled and turned to Chu Yao. “When it comes to qualifications, perhaps everyone should call you big sister. After all, you were the first to get close to Long Chen. However, since Long Chen had a childhood marriage agreement with big sister Meng Qi, she must be the biggest. But I will still call you big sister.”

“I… I wouldn’t dare to accept.” Chu Yao was a bit nervous. To have a god call her big sister, she felt trepidation.

“There’s nothing wrong about it. Big sister possesses a wood spirit body, so I will give you a wooden staff.” Leng Yueyan took out a completely black staff.

“Is this firewood?” Guo Ran mumbled to himself.

“Don’t spout nonsense! This is a priceless treasure, it… I truly must thank big sister for this.” Chu Yao received the staff and was first stunned before becoming wildly ecstatic. 

Leng Yueyan said, “This was created from the Moon Fusang Tree’s heart. It contains Yin and Yang energy. Blades cannot harm it; water and fire cannot damage it. Most importantly, it is a divine item that will constantly grow as you nourish it. It will not be influenced by the Martial Heaven Continent’s laws. As long as you take care of it, it will give you a pleasant surprise.”

“Thank you, truly thank you. This is the best weapon I’ve ever had.” Chu Yao was truly grateful. This gift was also something that she needed.

“Wan-er, right? I’ll call you little sister because you’re just too cute. I’ve always really liked you.” Leng Yueyan turned to smile at Tang Wan-er.

“Yes, thank you big sister.” Tang Wan-er spoke surprisingly sweetly and cutely, making Long Chen speechless. Where was this meek girl when she spoke to him?

“Little sister, you’re a wind element cultivator. What I’m giving you might be a bit dangerous. If you can’t control it well, don’t randomly use it.” Leng Yueyan took out two crescent moon blades. Space rumbled.

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