Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 2116

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That God Extermination Cannon and its wielder were further back than the rest of the Mechanism Sect’s experts. Its wielder was the lead formation master. After the formations shattered, he had vanished.

Due to the situation being too chaotic, everyone’s attention had been focused on Shi Lingfeng, with maybe a bit being on Zhao Wuji.

The formation master had stealthily slipped away to activate the God Extermination Cannon. Due to a formation he had set up, he didn’t unleash any fluctuations.

Now, the God Extermination Cannon was fully charged, and a ball of light rapidly condensed at its opening. A terrifying divine aura locked onto Long Chen.


Long Chen suddenly shook his head at that formation master who was smiling sinisterly.

A flicker of light appeared. Almost no one saw it clearly before it was gone.

“Scatter!” Zhao Wuji suddenly roared and was the first to fly away. The others heard him but didn’t know what was going on.


Following that, the world shook from an astounding explosion. The God Extermination Cannon had exploded, and its fragments flew in every direction with all the power that had been gathering inside it.

Cries of horror rang out as the disciples of the Mechanism Sect were blasted apart. A terrifying shockwave spread like the explosion of a star. Even the Netherpassage experts wearing higher class armor were unable to block it. The runes on their armor rapidly dimmed, and then they fell from the sky one by one.

Although the armor still looked fine, it had lost its defensive powers. The wearers had been turned into meat pancakes.

Their Yuan Spirits had also been crushed by the explosion of the God Extermination Cannon. They were dead. The sky, which had been filled with powerful experts, now only had a few dozen figures left within it.

“I swept through the four seas, crossed a thousand mountains, caused huge billows in heaven and earth, and flattened the heavens with my divine crossbow. General of the Dragonblood Legion, Guo Ran is present! Who dares to be arrogant in front of me?” Guo Ran appeared in the sky flashily, looking down on Zhao Wuji and the others. He was clad in golden armor and held a giant golden crossbow.

“Your posing arts are gaining some substance. Your improved phrase sounds better and flows off the tongue.” This time, Long Chen was satisfied with Guo Ran’s appearance. It didn’t feel like forcefully showing off. Perhaps this was even a case of growing up.

“Haha, my accomplishments today are all thanks to boss’s patronage!” Guo Ran immediately stood at attention and deeply bowed toward Long Chen.

“What are you saying? Did you learn this kind of posing from me?” cursed Long Chen.

While researching the God Extermination Cannon, Guo Ran had found a fatal weakness in it. At the very peak of its energy accumulation, there was a single moment when all the God Extermination Cannon’s defenses were pulled back.

All its defenses had to focus on protecting itself in that state. That was because the attack itself was simply too powerful. But this resulted in the energy accumulating at its mouth to have no protection. If it was struck at that moment, the God Extermination Cannon would instantly explode. So Guo Ran had been lying in wait this entire time for this moment.

Long Chen had guessed that Zhao Wuji would bring a terrifying killing weapon this time. The Mechanism Sect definitely didn’t have only one such weapon.

Thus, Zhao Wuji’s miserable plight had benefited Guo Ran, allowing him to show off once more.

Zhao Wuji was finally unable to endure it anymore. He charged at Guo Ran, shooting at him like a blood-colored meteorite.

He had clearly seen it. When the God Extermination Cannon’s attack had been about to erupt, Guo Ran had shot an arrow into it, detonating the energy within.

It was a simple attack, and yet it had annihilated almost all the elites of the Mechanism Sect. Of the ten thousand experts that had come, only three hundred remained. He was unable to accept that result.

It had to be known that to ensure things would go smoothly today, Zhao Wuji had brought with him enough power to annihilate ten top sects.

In fact, with their armor and mechanisms, any one of them possessed the power to destroy a sect.

Before coming, he had already made a high estimate of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s power. He had even included Long Chen and the Dragonblood Legion in his calculations. As a result, he had been absolutely sure in being able to kill them all.

As for the current reality? Long Chen had yet to even fight, but the Mechanism Sect and the Stone race’s experts were devastated. Zhao Wuji was shocked, infuriated, and uneasy.

Zhao Wuji was cut off from Guo Ran by a black saber that fell in front of him. Long Chen was finally taking action.

“Zhao Wuji, last time I ripped off your skin, so you’ve brought out this new red skin for me to peel off?” Long Chen summoned the Azure Dragon Battle Armor. White scales covered his entire body.

Zhao Wuji was definitely powerful. Guo Ran hadn’t finished his new armor, so he would probably be slain in just a few exchanges in a direct clash against Zhao Wuji. Long Chen also saw that Zhao Wuji didn’t want to kill Guo Ran and wanted to take him as a hostage. He had noticed that Guo Ran was unreasonably weak.

“Boss, do you think such a character is fit for you to personally fight? Let this junior take him. How can this be acceptable?” Guo Ran immediately spoke up as if he could easily flatten Zhao Wuji, making Long Chen roll his eyes.

“Fine, do you want him?” Long Chen glanced back at Guo Ran.

“Ah, nooo… how could this junior fight over boss’s prey? I wouldn’t dare no matter what! Dragonblood warriors, attack together! Don’t you feel that your weapons have long since grown unbearably thirsty?” Guo Ran suddenly changed the subject, allowing him to still show off.


One figure after another appeared in the sky. All the Dragonblood warriors had their manifestations active, filling the sky with blood dragons.

“They have so many awakened Empyreans?! Impossible!” Zhao Wuji’s expression changed.

“If you feel it’s impossible, it’s because your intelligence limits your imagination. That’s why you fell into my trap today. With your little intelligence, you’re essentially a child. You actually wanted to play a competition of smarts? You think a feint is smart? I’d guess that your Mechanism Sect relied entirely on these kinds of unscrupulous methods to frighten others and survive until now. You’re like a turd that experts don’t want to kick and that the weak can’t kick. After running rampant for so many years, have you come to the conclusion that you’re some supreme expert? Do you even know why Dongfang Yuyang allowed you to participate in the gathering? Ah, someone with your brain definitely can’t figure it out. In terms of power, you’re not my match. In terms of intelligence, it’s like I’m bullying you. Your elders sent you to your death. Even if you weren’t their birth child, they shouldn’t have just watched as you died like this.” Long Chen looked at Zhao Wuji oddly.

Rumbling rang out as the Dragonblood warriors charged onto the battlefield. The battle between them and the Mechanism Sect plus the Stone race’s experts started.

The Mechanism Sect’s poisonous weapons were able to pierce their dragon scales, and after being struck, the Dragonblood warriors’ injuries would turn black. But they were prepared, and before the battle, they had consumed the antitoxin pills that Long Chen had refined for them.

Although they weren’t able to instantly neutralize the poison like Long Chen, they were able to suppress the poison and prevent it from spreading.

The Dragonblood warriors fought valiantly, while the Mechanism Sect’s experts had already had their armor corroded thanks to Xia Chen, weakening them. If struck in one spot a few times, the armor there would break.

The Dragonblood Legion completely outnumbered their opponents, and they were fearless. Their enemies began to drop like flies.

Guo Ran was constantly keeping a watch with his crossbow. He would help out anyone in danger. The Dragonblood warriors had plenty of combat experience, but they had never exchanged blows with people who fought like the Mechanism Sect and Stone race.

The armor that Guo Ran was wearing was old and couldn’t keep up with such a high level combat. He could only shoot arrows from a distance. But his arrows were special and had been prepared by Xia Chen. They possessed an inherent piercing power and easily tore through the Mechanism Sect’s armor.

However, Guo Ran didn’t possess a limitless stock of the special arrows. He only had thirty, so he would only use them at a moment of danger. But if struck in the end, then it didn’t matter if they were from the Stone race or the Mechanism Sect, that person would definitely die.

Naturally some of the experts from the Mechanism Sect and the Stone race tried to attack Guo Ran, but they were blocked by the Dragonblood warriors. 

Seeing his side’s people dying one by one, Zhao Wuji’s armor lit up. He charged at Long Chen.

Long Chen had a faint smile. He actually ignored Zhao Wuji and flashed to the left, slashing his saber on thin air.


That space exploded, revealing a wretched Zhao Wuji.

“Since you’ve come, don’t you think it would be rude to leave so soon?” sneered Long Chen.

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