Never Die Extra - Chapter 470

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The Great Ancient Wizard, The Last Creation (4)

“Hey, Maybell, I want to tell you what just happened to me…!”

“Master, I already know how this goes. This is a pattern I’ve heard from other people.”

Evan tried to cheer up Maybell with his vain humor, but that didn’t work out for him. She saw Evan puckering his face, then grabbed him into her arms with a gentle smile.

“Come here. I want to comfort you. You can’t possibly create the Elixir; that’d be like chasing rainbows. You’ve done a great job so far. A wonderful, wonderful job.”

“But I successfully figured out what the Elixir is.”

“Yes, you’ve done a great job. You’re the best, Master.”

Evan looked like he was doubting Maybell. After all, only Evan or Bernard could’ve thought of creating a potion like the Elixir. He lifted his head from Maybell’s chest, feeling a little ticked off by the way she was staring at him pitifully, but it wasn’t her fault that he couldn’t drink the Elixir. It would have been unnecessary for Evan to get upset at her.

“I know the use of it. I understand the use…”

He immediately understood that the potion wasn’t meant to be for him, but he was convinced that he needed to make it. A glimpse of the truth about the Elixir passed through his mind. He was shown his current situation and even when and where to use this information. It was inevitable that he was here to create the Elixir. Although he understood this, it still made him furious. This damn Elixir crushed every alchemist’s dreams!

“Phew, darn it.”

His sighs were growing longer, and his cussing more intense. Maybell noticed something off about Evan’s behavior and started to comfort him by patting his back like a small child.

“There is a saying that even a dog’s dung is used in medicine, so I’m sure there is something here that’ll be useful.”

“I want to sleep on my own for the time being.”

“I’m sorry, Master.”

Evan, who received Maybell’s quick apology, sighed quietly and came out. They were still in the Necklace World. However, with its small size and structure in the form of a perfect world, it felt more peaceful than the intermediate world, which had now begun to engage in multi-dimensional warfare.


Mirole, who came to visit in the middle of his alchemy and was kicked out by Maybell, approached him with delight. But like a forest fairy with the superb ability to read energy, she stopped in the middle and stared at Evan. Her ears were pricking like a rabbit’s.

“Wow, Zero…you’ve changed a little?”

“Yeah, maybe a little.”

It would seem too grand to answer that he had encountered the truth of the world, but Evan briefly explained his change.

“The caverns of the soul have widened a little.”

Speaking of which, it sounded pretty grand, but he couldn’t reduce it any more. The Elixir’s creation was a work that greatly expanded his mental world. In accepting some of the world’s truths, he became closer to the world, to Mother Nature. He was close to life and far from death, but at the same time, he has gained a better understanding of death than anyone else. In-game terms, it could be simplified to the point that the aptitude of almost all families had increased, the limitations of the status had grown, and a skill tree never before seen was opened.

“Uh, uh, does that mean you’re at a higher level now?”

He didn’t level up, but it looked something like that. so he nodded along.

“Well, something similar.”

“It’s amazing that you grew in there. It is no longer considered a joke to face the Devil…”

“It was no joke from the beginning…I’m ready, so I’m going…”

“My body is ready.”

Mirole swallowed her saliva. Evan stared at Maybell, the main culprit who contaminated the forest fairies’ minds as well as himself. She avoided his gaze, coughing in vain as if she knew her sins. Evan corrected Mirole’s misunderstanding before her delusions could deepen.

“It means it’s time to make my special armor.”


Mirole, who at this point had quickly turned red, urgently began to search for a hole in the ground that could fit her. Evan sent her off leisurely and looked for the Dwarf Eihamo. He was absorbed in the synthesis of materials in the tent he was given and curiously raised his head upon Evan’s arrival.

“You’re here.”

“How did you know? Did you level up in the meantime?”

“Since I was touching the armor of the benefactor, I realized that it was responding.”

Along with that, what Eihamo lifted was a dagger shining bright purple. It was an outlandish thing. Evan has no aptitude for daggers, and he has never shown himself dealing with daggers in front of Eihamo. But for Evan, who had played Zero in the match against the Demon, he couldn’t help but be moved to see the dagger that Eihamo displayed.

“Is that what goes into my body?”

“As expected, you recognized it right away.”

“Wait a minute, Master.”

Maybell, who had unknowingly followed Evan all the way there without being discouraged, began to shout.

“Please say that line one more time. Please, Master!”

“Maybell, I’m confiscating your keys to my room for the next two weeks.”

“I’m sorry!”

“It’s too late!”

Evan kicked out the interrupter and faced Eihamo again as he politely handed over the dagger. The moment Evan took it, the energy in his body boiled violently in response. Wasn’t this already half-ready? When Evan looked at Eihamo feeling mentally pleased, he replied with a look of dissatisfaction.

“I was coordinating. Not all the materials have been put in place yet, and they’re not fully coordinated.”

“The coordination of the soul?”

“That’s exactly what it is. It resonates with the frequency of matter and soul. Only when it’s done perfectly will the matter be rebuilt in combination with the soul. I’m sorry, benefactor, but can you show me the skills you’ve shown before?”

“That’s not difficult.”

When Evan made a blade of Annihilation over the back of his hand, Eihamo nodded again in admiration.

“This alone has already greatly surpassed the armament of a many Demon. But this can never go beyond that due to my insufficient knowledge of the soul, and I interpreted the armament simply as a weapon.”

“But this will help shape our unique armor.”

“Right, that’s how we make it. Forming out the enormous possibilities of the benefactor’s soul, it’s close to compressing an unexplained phenomenon into one word. But thanks to Imma Beato, I managed to get the answer.”

The aforementioned was an automatic system that reflected Imma Beato’s actions and thoughts in real-time to invoke the appropriate magic. It was possible because Imma Beato’s soul was melded in it. Beyond Beato’s body recognition, it was a structure that squeezed magic from the realm of the soul. So, it…seemed to become anything, at least on the surface.

“And so should the benefactor’s inherent armor. The form of the benefactor’s power cannot be hardened into matter in the first place, so it should remain a phenomenon. A destructive and violent phenomenon.”

For example, lightning from the sky. A whirlwind that devoured a continent. Flames that vaporized an entire forest.

“But because our mortal beings cannot fully accept the phenomenon, it will appear to be in the form of matter. That’s exactly the form of my benefactor’s native armament.”

Humans had long accepted natural disasters compared to many other things, and sometimes the natural phenomenon itself became a god. It was painted as a legendary weapon, and it was also shunned because it was described as a monster. Evan’s unique armor would also look like that to others. Indeed, Evan’s destructive power wasn’t a weapon-based ability, so Eihamo’s analysis was indeed accurate.

‘Rather than forcefully replacing the power of Annihilation with a weapon, it gives it a form. It doesn’t clamp down on the power of Annihilation but strengthens the characteristics of the power of Annihilation. It forces it on the world. No matter what the difference is, the Dwarf who first came up with the idea of applying demon armament to humans was different.’

A unique armament was a figment of the spirit of the user. In short, it was just a particular form of armor, but if you thought about the meaning of the armor, you could see that it was never a simple concept. The concept of a weapon, even a tool, was the first thing you hold in your hand when you try to influence a battle outside of yourself. To put it a little grandiosely, it could also be a link between the wide world and a weak existence.

And the unique armament, which was completed by adding the soul, was a violent act of aggression that went beyond simply influencing the latter to erode the completed world and secure one’s territory. Evan’s unique armor, at least by listening to Eihamo, seemed to take the closest form to the foundation of such unique armor. At this point, there was already a massive difference from the original armor of the Ancient Great Wizard, which had appeared during Yo-Ma Great War Zero.

“Is there any difficulty in completing that unique armor?”

“I need external help.”

Eihamo answered as if he had waited.

“As soon as the benefactor’s armament is completed, there must be an outside helper to help the benefactor’s soul occupy the world. The power is so great that it isn’t compatible with the world, so without an intermediate process, it will destroy either side.”


Evan nodded naturally, as he had experienced almost breaking the world while trying to save himself once before. Fortunately, there was something speculative about what Eihamo called an ‘external helper.’ To put it bluntly, the original armament of the ancient Great Wizard was also used in the main event of the Yo-Ma Great War Zero. It was a concept that could only be used for a limited period, and he could never forget it.

“I have something in mind.”

“Help from the World Tree?”

“That’s a good idea, but let’s leave the World Tree to Mirole. I’ll let you know when the time is right.”

Evan returned the dagger to Eihamo and delivered the powder made by drying the petals of the World Tree.

“Maybe it’ll help coordinate.”

“It looks like it.”

“Yes, when will we be able to make Mirole’s unique armor?”

“That’s soon. It won’t take more than a few days.”

“I’ll look and wait.”

Mirole would function as a powerhouse from the moment her armor was completed. She would overwhelm the Demon King in a one-on-one and even score an effective hit against the Devil. And then again…

Evan smiled as he strolled to exit Eihamo’s tent.

“Good luck; it’s about creating a world for you to live in. It’s just around the corner.”

“I’d be more encouraged if you promised to leave a dragon by-product that I could use after completing the armor.”

“I’ll leave you a whole share.”

“What an encouraging promise!”

They still had 53 dragon bodies left. As Evan smirked on his way out of the tent, Maybell, who had been ousted earlier, quickly clung to him again.

“Dear Master, are you done with your business?”

“Yeah, why were you waiting? You have two weeks without your keys.”

“Huhu, Masteeeeeerr. I’m sorryyyyy.”

Evan began to move again, reluctantly accepting Maybell, who was clinging to him while acting cute. Now that he had finished the important matters, he would train the humans and elves, and while he was at it, he would train Cattleya and take a look at Lian…

Finally, they just had to put George’s party in a ‘safe place’ that they couldn’t leave for a while, and then he would almost be ready.

“I’ll have to get ready to call the Gods. Let’s go to Fayna.”

“In this war, the Demon King will come out to Middle Earth.”

“Maybe he’ll burn himself to death.”

“Well, we couldn’t have been here if he were dead…”

Now, they were ready to lead the war between the Divine Realm and the Demon Realm.

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