My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 1038

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Chapter 1038: Impossible

Gu Siting watched the motorcade leaving with Cayman Dorrans and started to truly feel that she was getting further and further away from him.

He tried everything he could to keep her, but he failed.

He failed to keep her and failed to keep her heart even more.

Mrs. Gu approached him and sighed.

“You should be relieved this time.”

Gu Siting stayed silent. Should he give up?

How could he put her down?

“Siting, Weiwei will never return.”

Seeing her unwilling son, Mrs. Gu reminded him of the fact that he had never been willing to face.

She had been living in this world, but she had no intention of returning to the Gu Family.

She even pretended not to know them.

And even though she knew that that man was Fu Hanzheng, the worst enemy of the Gu Family, she still decided to marry him.

All of this meant that she would never return to the Gu Family.

Now, even Cayman Dorrans had stopped him from seeking her again. If it had not been for Weiwei’s wishes, Cayman Dorrans would not have done this.

“I have something to deal with at the company, I am leaving now.” Instead of answering Mrs. Gu, Gu Siting went straight to the car.

Kuroda Shio got into the car and said as he drove, “President Gu, I have asked my men to keep an eye on Cayman Dorrans and his men, but what if they really leave someone in A Land?”

Obviously, President Gu was not willing to let go of Miss Weiwei, but Cayman Dorrans was threatening him with the lives of the other members of the Gu Family.

If he approached Miss Weiwei again, Cayman Dorrans would definitely get someone to do something to the Gu Family.

“Let’s see who they left behind.” Gu Siting sighed with eyes closed.

Kuroda Shio looked at the person sitting behind him through the rearview mirror. “Now… we can’t have any more conflict with Cayman Dorrans, otherwise Madam and the Old Master will be in danger.”

Although the Gu Family had bodyguards, even if Cayman Dorrans could deal with one or two of them, he would still send more people.

And he would even attack Mrs. Gu and the Old Master himself.

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He did not do anything to President Gu because he was worried that Weiwei was reborn because of him.

After all, the Gu Family were just businessmen, but the Dorrans Family were from the underworld. They were no match for him in terms of ruthlessness.

Gu Siting pinched his eyebrows. “I know.”

He knew that he could not fight against Cayman Dorrans, but he had not expected that he would allow her to stay by Fu Hanzheng’s side.

Hearing his words, Kuroda Shio felt slightly relieved and said as he drove, “Cayman Dorrans is just warning us, but if you disobey his request, I am afraid that… he will side with the Fu Family and it will be very disadvantageous for the Gu Family.”

“No, even if he wants to, the Fu Family will not accept it,” Gu Siting said coldly.

The Fu Family had a prejudice against Weiwei, not only because she had lived in the Gu Family for more than twenty years, but also because of her relationship with Cayman Dorrans.

It was impossible for the Fu Family to accept Cayman Dorrans siding with them and helping them deal with the Gu Family.

That would only deepen the conflict between Weiwei and the Fu Family.

Therefore, Cayman Dorrans would not do such a thing.

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