My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start - Chapter 202

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“You flatter me, master. I’m still far behind you,” Watson replied humbly as he stroked the pupil-less eye mark between his brows, which immediately disappeared; it did not seem to have changed much from before that.

He was certain that Antonio, who had cast the Time Stripping spell, could fight him for 300 rounds. Even though the final result was still likely to be Antonio’s triumph, it was a lot better than previously, when he was utterly powerless in front of Antonio.

His advancement to the platinum tier meant that he had become one of the strongest people in the world. He could protect his family from any bully and allow them to live a better life. He would have a bright future.

Watson’s heart swelled with pride. His future was in a galaxy of stars. He came, he saw, and he conquered—just as he had promised the Blackmoon Knights.

He lowered his head to face the Moon-eating Sky Wolf and the rest of the magical beasts. He was under no obligation to defeat those beasts then. All he needed to do was to defeat them.

“Wind, listen to my call. Strip everything!”

The spell was cast as a result of Watson’s words. Strong gusts of wind blew across the entire Dragonspine Snow Mountain. The snow water that the light had melted had been blown completely dry. The wind blew away a layer of the ground, and the air grew thin.

There was no reason for him to chant or perform any spell. He simply opened his mouth to stir the world, and the power was equivalent to that of a normal platinum-tier spell.

Living creatures could only exist because they needed to breathe oxygen and absorb energy particles. The oxygen got incredibly thin as Watson used the powerful winds to clear the air. Tens of thousands of magical beasts tumbled to the earth around him. In anguish, they scratched the rocks with their claws and whined as they rolled their eyes.

They were all suffocating, unable to move, and had no choice but to wait for death in despair.

Watson was correct in his assessment that he merely needed to move his fingers to slay those magical beasts. He did not have to move his hands at all. He simply needed to say a single word or cast a glance to end the life of those magical beasts.


The Moon-eating Sky Wolf, who witnessed the action from somewhere nearby, was no longer smiling. Its expression tensed.

It could not breathe either. It did not understand what had happened. The magical beasts were on their way to attack Watson, and when the young man’s strength was almost exhausted, the wolf would swallow him. However, Watson had devoured the other magical beasts and became stronger because of that.

It looked like the young man had the same ability as it did—he could grow stronger with his devour ability. The young man was even stronger than the wolf. How did he get that talent?

The wolf felt envious, just like a human. Watson’s danger level had changed from dangerous to deadly. The wolf thought that it would die if it were to stay there any longer. So, it immediately turned around and ran toward the Dragonspine Snow Mountain peak.

It could win no matter the kind of conflict it faced. Even if it were to die, it could still resurrect itself. That was not its first failure, but it was the first time it felt terror. The wolf was willing to return and accept the purple-haired demon once more. Otherwise, it might die in Watson’s hands.

“You want to run? Stay here with me.”

Watson’s expression was calm. He stomped his feet and teleported above the Moon-eating Sky Wolf’s head and activated the Law of Domain.

At that time, he activated the primal chaos domain. The primal chaos’ combat aura was the strongest one he had. The moment the domain was activated, it enveloped the sky wolf. A greenish-gray air current appeared on the ground and surrounded Watson and the sky wolf at the same time.

A massive pupil-less eye appeared in the center of the green-gray air current. Distorted lines filled the eye; it was cold and emotionless, like a god’s eyes that treated all lives and deaths equally.

[Chaos Domain: the host’s abilities are greatly enhanced within the domain, and all enemy attacks will be suppressed. The host can use the pupil-less eye to release light rays within the domain. Anything that the light rays covered will be erased.]

The Moon-eating Sky Wolf charged left and right within the chaos domain. Its body emitted a biting cold air as it released a platinum-tier spell, the Absolute Zero. It was an extremely powerful spell that could freeze space and time. However, before the freezing air could spread, it had already touched the chaotic airflow and shattered.

The Absolute Zero spell had been nullified; the Moon-eating Sky Wolf looked desperate. It waved its claws crazily and opened its mouth as it tried to shatter the airflow in its surroundings. However, when it came into contact with the chaotic airflow, the fur on its body was corroded until its bare skin.

Then, the chaotic airflow destroyed its skin, leaving only a layer of flesh on its skeleton. It was removed layer by layer.

Watson did not even use the pupil-less eye, the core of his domain, but the Moon-eating Sky Wolf was about to die.

There was no way to retreat, and no attacks could break the domain. The Moon-eating Sky Wolf’s expression became even more desperate.

Antonio and Sylvan stood outside the domain and watched everything. No one moved since they knew it was pointless, especially Sylvan. He looked at Watson’s chaotic domain with shock and disbelief.

“This is a new element that is different from all the other known elements! Was Watson the one who developed the new magical element at the boundary?”

Someone had developed a new magical element on the border not too long ago, and it had altered the world’s composition. He had noticed it while he was in the mansion, and he even dispatched Nightingale to investigate the matter. In the end, he found nothing because he had put the incident on hold due to the impending winter.

He had previously believed that a mysterious platinum-tier elite had created a new magical element. He had wanted to find that elite and recruit him. He had never imagined Watson to be that person. Watson, after all, had only been at the gold tier. However, it seemed like he could create a new magical element that did exist in the world. What kind of talent was that?

When Sylvan turned around, he noticed that Antonio’s eyes were calm, as if he had known about it for a long time, which made him uncomfortable.

It seemed like Antonio’s decision to take Watson as his disciple had something to do with that matter. It was no surprise that Antonio, who had not left the mountain in a long time, had been at the border. He felt conflicted when he realized that the person he had been looking for to produce the new magical elements was Watson.

While he pondered that, the Moon-eating Sky Wolf had almost been obliterated; it had been stripped down to its skeleton. Watson had stopped; it looked like he did not intend to kill the Moon-eating Sky Wolf. He must have wanted to see if the Moon-eating Sky Wolf could still be resurrected with such extensive wounds. Perhaps it would develop a new ability too.

If the answer was yes, he could certainly injure the Moon-eating Sky Wolf repeatedly and wait for it to develop various abilities before he devoured it. Even though he had reached the platinum tier, he was still unsatisfied. He still had the potential to grow stronger.


Watson came to a halt when he heard a sharp sound. He was surprised to find that the rocks under the Moon-eating Sky Wolf’s feet, which had turned into white bones, had cracked apart. A dense black airflow rose from within and coiled around its white bones. Then, the airflow creaked.

Numerous giant black rats that were more than a meter long crawled out of the ground. In just a short moment, thousands of those rats had appeared. They had a bronze-tier aura, and as soon as they came out, they darted onto the Moon-eating Sky Wolf’s bone. Then, they started to bite with their sharp teeth.

Even though the Moon-eating Sky Wolf was a platinum-tier magical beast, it could not withstand the rats’ attacks. Furthermore, it only had its skeleton left, which made it even harder for it to hold on. The rats shattered the wolf’s bones and devoured it.

The black rats that had swallowed the wolf’s bones flashed with light. Then, they split into two, and the total amount continued to increase. However, those rats were swiftly killed when they touched the airflow within the domain. Unfortunately, their bodies split, and the number doubled even quicker.

“Where did those rats come from? How are they so tough?”

Watson used the system to investigate when he sensed the difference between those rats and ordinary magical beasts.

[Bronze-tier synthetic magical beast: Goldbiter Rat]

[Abilities: Rapid Devouring (their hard teeth can crush any hard metal, and they will devour everything in sight), Common Consciousness (all goldbiter rats share a single consciousness).]

[Additional abilities: Natural Selection (will automatically destroy weaker rats and continue to evolve), Infinite Fission (the energy converted by devouring will constantly replicate new rats, there is no upper limit).]

[Additional abilities: Advanced Fusion (different goldbiter rats can be fused, the level will increase, and they will gain new abilities).]

“What is a synthetic magical beast?”

Watson’s eyes narrowed. That was the first time he had heard of the existence of such a magical beast.

The goldbiter rats did not have any special offensive abilities, but their devouring attributes were enough to cause trouble. He did not know what the person who created those rats had in mind.

He did not have time to think. The thousands of goldbiter rats had changed after they devoured the Moon-eating Sky Wolf. Silver wings sprouted from their backs, and their black fur was covered in ice armor. Their size had also increased; they had grown to be as tall as humans and began to move toward Watson.

The ground beneath the feet of the surviving hundreds of thousands of magical beasts began to crack. The goldbiter rats crawled outward. They climbed onto the magical beasts and bit them until there was nothing left. Those magical beasts did not put up much of a fight as though they were used to that.

Perhaps the magical beasts’ presence at the mountain base was meant to feed the goldbiter rats.

The entire Dragonspine Snow Mountain was teeming with rats as far as the eye could see. People who have a fear of density would most certainly faint if they had witnessed that scene.

One could hear the cracking sounds as the goldbiter rats crawled out of the Dragonspine Snow Mountain. The entire mountain range had existed for an unknown amount of years, but it had collapsed that day. It had sunk to a hundred meters almost immediately. After that, one could see that the mountain was riddled with holes. Snowflakes and dust flew in every direction as the roar of an avalanche echoed all the way to the border.

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