My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start - Chapter 201

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Chapter 201: The Strictly Enforced Words And The Law Of Domain

Nightingale appeared to be dreaming. In her dream, she successfully avenged her parents by beheading the Moon-eating Sky Wolf.


Nightingale gently opened her eyes with a moan; her entire body was in agony. She found herself in Watson’s arms. The Moon-eating Sky Wolf had only two-thirds of its body left, and its bright red blood was sprayed all over the sky.

It was not a dream.

Nightingale blinked, held her breath, and reflected on what had just occurred. She had failed to ambush the Moon-eating Sky Wolf. Instead, the wolf had flicked her away with its nail before sweeping her up into the air. Watson was the one who had saved her.

Did Watson kill the Moon-eating Sky Wolf?

Then, she heard Watson’s worried voice. “Miss Nightingale, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, thank you.”

Nightingale looked at the dead Moon-eating Sky Wolf again; she felt warm as she laid in Watson’s small arms. She looked a little disappointed. Her shock at the killing of the Moon-eating Sky Wolf was palpable. She was not happy; if she killed the Moon-eating Sky Wolf, her parents would not come back to life. Furthermore, Watson was the one who killed the wolf, so she did not get her revenge.

The body of the Moon-eating Sky Wolf, whose head and one-third of its body had been eaten off, plummeted onto the Dragonspine Snow Mountain, causing the snowflakes to fall. The other magical beasts came to a halt, and they looked afraid.

“Your leader is dead. It’s your turn now.”

Watson descended from the sky with Nightingale in his arms. He placed her on the ground, took a step forward, and activated his second Great Sin Beast.

He had transformed into Beelzebub, the Beast of Gluttony, as black mist surrounded his body. Countless mouths drooled and moved in all directions over his massive body, which was in the shape of a black goat. The mouths made continuous grunts of hunger.

Gulp, Gulp, Gulp.

All the magical beasts that heard the sound were terrified, and they fled. The Moon-eating Sky Wolf had been gobbled whole, and that harrowing scene had cast a shadow over their hearts.

Watson, however, did not frighten all of the magical beasts. A swarm of gold-tier magical beasts roared and charged at Watson. They were the ice field wolves, the storm eagles, the firmament divine eagles, and a deformed earth dragon with three heads and six wings.

Those magical beasts were held back from reaching Watson by a massive claw that plummeted from the sky.

The Moon-eating Sky Wolf, whose head and half of its body had been swallowed by the claw, stood up shakily. A cold light flashed on its nail, and the other gold-tier magical beasts instantly turned into ice sculptures. They shattered rapidly; the silver-white ice melted into the Moon-eating Sky Wolf’s broken body and enabled it to recover the missing parts of its body.

The Moon-eating Sky Wolf’s body was returned to its previous state in a matter of seconds. It even sprouted a new head. It shook its blood-soaked fur and howled at the sky.


The magical beasts that had stopped charging at Watson due to his intimidation were motivated to attack him again. The millions of magical beasts’ steps shook the entire mountain range.

“That Moon-eating Sky Wolf is not dead?”

Watson looked surprised.

The fact that it was still alive after its head was bitten off had startled him. He subconsciously examined the Moon-eating Sky Wolf’s data and discovered that it had a new skill called the Super Healing. As a result, its body’s regeneration rate was significantly increased. Even if its head were severed, it would not die as long as its energy was replenished quickly.

“The system did not detect that ability just now. Did it evolve after it died?”

That conclusion piqued Watson’s curiosity, even though he had intended to kill the Moon-eating Sky Wolf immediately. The most pressing need at that time, however, was to kill the magical beasts led by that wolf.

“System, fuse them.”

[Fusion activated. Congratulations, Master, for successfully fusing 500,000 magical beasts. You have obtained a platinum-tier body of a fused magical beast.]

Each of the magical beasts ran toward the Beast of Gluttony that Watson had transformed into; it was as if an invisible wall blocked them. Their bodies exploded and turned into streams of light that intertwined together. Not a single magical beast could charge past Watson; they died faster as they stormed forward.

The light that had intertwined gave birth to a strange-looking magical beast.

That magical beast was more than a thousand meters long; it looked like a limp centipede that had laid on the ground. Its two sides were covered with heads, some of which were bird heads, some of which were heads of larger beasts. However, instead of facial features, those heads had wings and claws. It also had eyeballs, noses, and mouths scattered on the back of its body; it had looked strange and disgusting.

Watson saw a silver-moon wolf attached to that magical beast. It had two bird claws for eyes and two naked eyeballs rolled in the center of the claws. It made everyone there physically uncomfortable.

Since he had fused so many types of beasts, innumerable lineages had been merged. It made it difficult for that monster-like thing to evolve in a certain direction. Fortunately, it did not unite with the other magical beasts to create a more formidable monster.

“Devour ability, activate.”

As Watson’s voice faded, the Beast of Gluttony opened his mouth and swooped in front of the monster-like giant centipede. He began to devour the monster’s head, and in less than a minute, he had utterly consumed the 1,000-meter-long monster.

During that process, the Beast of Gluttony’s body stretched as if it was expanding. A peak platinum-tier aura descended from a height of more than 100 meters to more than 500 meters.

At that moment, Watson had finally successfully advanced to the platinum tier.

The Great Sin Beast’s form had grown as well; he had gone from an ordinary platinum-tier magical beast to a peak platinum-tier monster. The world trembled. The magical elements in the air had infused his body and melted his shell. His true form was finally revealed.

His body, which had been taller than a ten-year-old child, was now a little taller. Watson’s tender face had also matured, and there was a symbol that looked like an eyeball without pupils on his forehead. It was the symbol of the source of chaotic-elemental magic. The source was initially located in his abdomen, but it had shifted to the middle of his brows. It had fused with his soul.

At the same time, he had obtained a new ability—Strictly Enforced Words.

The Strictly Enforced Words skill was the symbol of a platinum-tier mage. It could control the magical elements in the world through one’s speech. It could also create a similar magical attack without the use of any magic.

Since he had obtained a new ability, he had to give it a try.

“Let there be light.”

Watson waved his finger, and the sun above his head immediately shone brightly. Rays of sunlight intertwined and turned into a rain of arrows that descended from the sky. With him as the starting point, the beams crisscrossed and spread toward the endless mountain peak. That attack immediately pierced any magical beast within a thousand meters; fresh blood flowed with the light arrows.

That attack had killed more than a thousand magical beasts.

The light arrows also melted the Dragonspine Snow Mountain within a thousand-meter radius. The snow that had never melted had turned into crystal clear water columns that revealed the black rocks below.

Watson was quite pleased with the Strictly Enforced Words skill after he had tested it. After he had advanced to the platinum tier, he felt as if his brain had grown many times in size. His thoughts were cleared, and the magical elements in his soul had become much stronger. Even his chaotic-elemental magic source’s capacity had grown to the level of a diamond-tier champion.

“Other than the Strictly Enforced Words skill, I think my ability as a warrior has been enhanced too when I advanced to the platinum tier,” Watson muttered to himself. A gold-tier warrior would be able to teleport, and after one advanced to the platinum tier, that ability would evolve into something called the Law of Domain.

The Law of Domain was similar to the Strictly Enforced Words skill. The latter would use one’s will to change the world, while the former would release a majestic combat aura to form a domain. With Watson’s strength, he could release a domain within a hundred-meter radius, and his strength would be significantly enhanced while he was in that domain, and his enemies would be suppressed there as well.

The Law of Domain would be diverse as well, based on the combat aura released.

Watson lightly stomped his foot, and the earth trembled like ripples inside the 100-meter radius. A layer of incandescent light emerged from his feet and spread in all directions, creating a gleaming mirror on the ground.

The moment the domain was formed, data about the domain immediately appeared in Watson’s mind.

[Light domain: the host’s ability within the domain is greatly enhanced and can appear at any time within the domain. The enemy’s strength is also significantly suppressed and dimmed. The host can control all the weapons of light within the domain to attack the enemy.]

Over a thousand light weapons within the domain quickly zoomed up as a result of Watson’s thought. Each of the weapons was comparable to a peak gold-tier weapon. The whistling combat aura emitted a whistling sound as it coiled around him. Even the toughest metal would be shattered in the presence of such weapons.

Furthermore, those weapons could be reforged after they were depleted. One might say they were infinite. In terms of range and power, the Law of Domain could not be compared to the Strictly Enforced Words. The former was more durable and was better in close combat.

He did not only get a light-elemental combat aura. He had tried the light domain, and just as he was about to continue trying the other combat aura domains, Antonio and Sylvan arrived at his side.

“Watson, congratulations on advancing to the platinum tier! You’re only ten years old, and you’re already a platinum-tier elite; it is unprecedented in the kingdom’s entire history. Even the current sword saint only achieved the platinum tier when he was 15 or 16 years old. You are my most outstanding disciple, indeed!”

Antonio stroked his beard; his kind face seemed relieved. He had just become Watson’s master less than a month ago, and Watson had already achieved the platinum tier. Watson would undoubtedly achieve the diamond tier and get even higher accomplishments.

He was deeply honored to have such a disciple.

Sylvan stood beside Antonio; he looked surprised. “Watson, have you just achieved the platinum tier? Does that mean you were only at the gold tier when you fought with me?”

He thought that Watson was already a platinum-tier elite when he forced him into such a situation. He had not expected Watson to be only a gold-tier elite when they fought. What a monster! Watson’s strength must have increased by dozens of times after his advancement to the platinum tier. Under such circumstances, could he still defeat Watson? Was there anyone amongst the platinum-tier elites who could be a match for Watson?

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