My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem - Chapter 573

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“Don’t give me such an intimidating look!” I cried as the King stared at me, looking ready to cut my party and me down.

“Hmph! Aren’t you a Dungeon Diver? Any Dungeon Diver should be prepared to die at any moment! Especially since you wanted to fight the boss of this dungeon. Had I been dead, do you think she would have gone easy on you? Are you a man at all?”

Perhaps not… but it seemed like she fit into the ghost category. Under her monster identify she came off as a Phantasm. That meant I could use Resurrection, Ghostbane, Exorcism, fairy fire, and Miki’s spiritualism. It could be said that our party was most suited for fighting ghosts and undead. If the situation was different, I felt like we had a real possibility of being able to defeat the Widow Queen.

“Ahem, rather, I’m still a bit confused. The murals didn’t match up with my expectations. If you’re the Widow, shouldn’t it be Widower’s Dungeon or something?”

He snorted and then shook his head. “I suppose I can tell you. It’s not like my history is all that secret. If this dungeon were in Aberis and not out in the wilds, I would have found out about this dungeon ages ago and so would all of Aberis.”

“I’m the Queen of Aberis. They call me the Maid Hero.” The woman on the bed said with a gentle smile, her beauty coming out in waves which would cause any heart to flutter.

“I’m a commoner.” King Aberis said plainly, “Or I used to be, at least. One day, my wife and her companion, the Princess Hero, ended up in a fight that they couldn't win. Just when it seemed like the women would fall, I helped them escape. It wasn’t anything so magnificent as the mural shows. I simply gave them a place to hide. You see, they had been trying to kill a Demon Lord who had thought to set up a kingdom south of the Imperial city. He sailed down and around with his army and landed on the shores of Os.”

“Ost Republic? Not Aberis?”

“Oh? You must not be a citizen of Aberis? To be able to get my son to hand you a noble status, you must have accomplished something incredible.”

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“I defeated a demon lord.”

“Geh!” He broke into a cough and then looked away. “Well, I suppose that’s a manly enough achievement, I guess…”

“So, what am I confused about?”

“Heh… Aberis is a rather young country. The Demon Lord Aberis actually formed it.”


“Fufu… you didn’t even know that much? Aberis was mostly humans, but demons suppressed us for nearly twenty years. Our country was carved out of pieces of the Imperial Cloud Meadow, and Osteria, a country that no longer exists. All that is left of them is the wildlands.”

“So, what you’re saying is…”

“The country of Aberis had only existed for a few decades!”

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