My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 1360

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Chapter 1360: I Want Her to be My Wife

Ou Xuyan and Ou Luoxi had been practising martial arts since they were children. Xuyan possessed an otherworldly air about her that was quite distinct from Yin Ling’er and Lu Ning. She wore a white retro-styled dress that gave one the impression of a beautiful fairy out of a wuxia story.

Lu Fan grinned happily upon seeing her. Wasn’t she the “Little Fairy” he had been looking for all this time?

It had been ten years since they last met. Back then, they had met on a similar occasion as the one they were currently attending. The adults engaged in friendly chatter, dispersed around the living room while the children were left alone to play by themselves.

Lu Fan ran over to where Ou Xuyan stood and greeted her politely, “Fairy Xuyan, so you’re the daughter of Uncle Ou’s family. I’m Lu Fan. Nice to meet you.”

Ou Xuyan regarded Lu Fan with cool indifference. “I’m sorry, but do I know you?”

Lu Fan was struck by a bolt from the blue. It felt like the world was collapsing in around him.

Not giving Lu Fan a chance to respond, Ou Xuyan turned around and left.

Ou Xuyan was not an ordinary girl – anyone could have judged that from a glance. Contrary to one’s expectation, Lu Fan was undeterred by his lack of success. Instead, he saw Xuyan’s lack of recognition as a challenge that he needed to overcome. Watching Xuyan walk away with her silky black hair swaying invitingly, a plan formed in his mind. Lu Fan was going to gain her attention, one way or another.

Zhou Jingjing was only four and already a glutton. She sat by herself on the soft carpet and gobbled up the plates of cake laid out by her short legs, one at a time.

The sweet, sugary treats disappeared under the hands of a master connoisseur. It was a delightful scene to watch.

Ou Xuyan liked Zhou Jingjing very much. Zhou Jingjing reminded her of her sister of whom Xuyan adored. Being the elder of two sisters, Xuyan found herself drawn to the younger girl and decided to bring her a fruit plate. “Here you go. Try some of these fruits. You might like them as much as those cakes of yours.”

Zhou Jingjing blinked, her large eyes widening to the size of saucers. “Thank you… sister. Ah, sister, behind you…”

Zhou Jingjing covered her mouth with her tiny hands, terrified.

Ou Xuyan realised something was wrong and spun around to take a look, but it was too late. The acrid smell of something burning assaulted her senses. Her hair had been set aflame with a lighter.

Behind her stood Lu Fan with the offending lighter, laughing uproariously.

A haze of red coloured her eyes. Ou Xuyan wanted nothing more but to punish the hateful boy who had set her hair alight, but before she could do so, she needed to quench the flames crawling up the strands of her hair. She did not want all her hair burned off.

Most girls like having long hair, and Ou Xuyan was no exception.

The commotion quickly attracted the attention of all the other children. Most of them panicked, rushing around like a flock of headless chickens, searching for something to put out the fire. Xuyan tried to extinguish it herself but could not do reach her back where the fire burned.

Zhou Pingan was the calmest of the lot. While the other children were screaming for help, he took a wet cloth and smothered the flames burning Ou Xuyan’s hair. An ember sought to escape the fate of its brethren and leapt out of the way, making for the delicate skin around Xuyan’s ear. Zhou Pingan wasted no time hesitating. With his other hand, he snatched the wayward spark out of the air, snuffing it in the palm of his hand.

The bearing and restraint of the Zhou family’s young master were plain for all to see.

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid.” Zhou Pingan comforted her gently.

Ou Xuyan’s face was devoid of colour, a cold sensation prickling her skin. It had been a close call. If not for Zhou Pingan’s timely assistance, she could have suffered a serious injury. “Aah… Thank you…” She thanked Zhou Pingan softly.

“There’s no need for thanks. Anyone would have done the same.”

“Xuyan, are you alright?” At this moment, Xia Xiaofu rushed over nervously.

“Mother, I’m fine,” Ou Xuyan assured, mourning the loss of her silken black hair. What was once a beautiful waterfall of inky black hair had been reduced to a shadow of what it once was. Now, her singed hair only reached the back of her neck. It looked like a dog had mauled it. Nothing could have looked uglier on her.

She glared at Lu Fan angrily. “You villain! I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget!”

Whipping out the ten-metre-long whip coiled at her waist, she lashed out Lu Fan.

Lu Han’s laughter had died out a while ago, leaving an awful sense of guilt in its wake. He just wanted to attract her attention and leave a deep impression on her. He had never thought that his little joke would make her so miserable.

However, that did not mean he was going to allow himself to be whipped. Having practised martial arts in a Shaolin Temple for the better part of his youth, Lu Fan was no pushover. He sidestepped the lashing vine with ease.

“Stop dodging! Accept your fate like a man!”

One chased while the other scurried away. Wherever Xuyan’s whip landed, cracking sounds echoed. Soon, the whole party was a mess.

“Wah!” Zhou Jingjing burst into tears. Her cake had been crushed in Lu Fan and Xuyan’s game of cat and mouse. Even the plate of fruits Xuyan had given her was overturned, its contents spilling on the floor. A small fruit rolled by, spurred into motion by stamping feet. Zhou Jingjing chased the moving fruit and stuffed it into her mouth. “My cake… my sweet cake… I’m not full yet…”

It was while yet before the chase drew to a close. Ou Luoxi and Xia Xiaofu stopped their daughter while Lu Shaoming grabbed hold of his son. Ning Qing was so angry that she had trouble reigning in her temper. Pulling Lu Fan by the ear, she scolded, “Lu Fan! Apologise to Xuyan this instant! How could you play such a mean prank on her?”

Lu Fan hated it when his mother pulled his ear because it embarrassed him. Moreover, his mother was doing it in front of the girl he liked. He snuck a glance at Ou Xuyan, hoping to see her expression. Her eyes burned like two black coals, and she snorted when she felt his eyes on her.

Ou Xuyan had never hated a person more than she presently did. She sent Lu Fan one more hateful look before leaving.

“Xuyan.” Ou Luoxi and Xia Xiaofu ran after their daughter.

Lu Fan did not expect Ou Xuyan to leave just like that. “Hey, wait a minute…”

His words were drowned by a searing pain tugging at his ear. Ning Qing hauled him away by the ear. “Lu Fan, we’re going home. You and I are going to have a good chat about what’s right and wrong!”

“Mother, it hurts!”

In the car…

Lu Shaoming was driving while Ning Qing’s mother tugged at Lu Fan’s ear, “Lu Fan, you’re getting more and more unruly. How could you burn Xuyan’s hair? Your lucky she wasn’t seriously injured! How would you make amends if something happened to her? What if the fire had burned Xuyan’s face?”

Lu Hao was a person not easily persuaded through the use of words or force alone.”What’s wrong? I’d still marry her even if she ended up disfigured!

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“Whose to say whether Xuyan would agree to marry you? You haven’t asked her for her hand or received an agreement on her part. Xuyan probably hates you for what you’ve done. Lu Fan, why can’t you emulate your big brother? Don’t give me so many things to worry over. Just look at how your big brother…”

“Mother, I get it. Big brother is your pride and joy. Big brother is the most capable son a mother could have ever dreamed of, but who said I wanted to be a carbon copy of him? Can’t I do things that’ll make me happy?”

“Hah! You’re still so confident!”

Lu Shaoming looked at his unruly son through the rearview mirror. With a raised brow, he said, “I’ve already agreed with Zhou Yao. I’ll send you to the Army tomorrow.”

“The Army? I’m not going!”

“That’s not up for debate.”

“I’ll go, under one condition.”

“What condition?”

“When I grow up, I want Ou Xuyan to be my wife!”

Ning Qing’s mother was shocked. “Lu Fan, are you serious?”


Ning Qing stared at Lu Shaoming in disbelief, an unspoken question directed at him: ‘Does your son actually wanted to be with Luo Xi and Xiao Fu’s daughter?’

Lu Shaoming turned to his wife with an expression that conveyed himself: ‘Calm down, I’ll take care of everything.’

“We’ll discuss this when you’re older,” Lu Shaoming said to Lu Fan.

Ling’er sobbed pitifully. Her birthday was ruined. All the guests had left, and the servants were cleaning up the mess.

Zhou Pingan winced in pain. He had burned himself earlier trying to help Ou Xuyan.

Yin Ling’er and Lu Ning noticed his discomfort immediately.

Lu Ning dashed to the bathroom to get a wet towel. When she returned, she saw Yin Ling’er nursing Zhou Pingan’s injured hand. “Pingan Gege, are you in pain?”

Zhou Pingan studied the porcelain-like features making up Ling’er’s delicate face and smiled tenderly. “No, I’m not..”

Lu Ning froze.

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