My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 1197

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Chapter 1197: Finally You Can Stand Up

The room was dark, and their breaths intermingled.

It was unknown who caused the mess first, but it was hot.

Leng Hao’s voice was hoarse, it was especially sexy in such a night. “Are you feeling dizzy? You should drink less in the future.”

“I know, I’m mad. It’s all your fault for making me angry!” Ye Xiaotao poked his heart with her fair little finger.

She was like a little kitten now. She was soft and cuddly, making people’s hearts itchy.

Leng Hao thought of Christmas Eve four years ago. She drank some red wine and got drunk. That night was so wonderful that it made him reminisce about it for the rest of his life.

She lay under him and the two of them were buried under the blanket. He could not control himself and could not control his strength. However, her big, watery eyes made his whole body go soft.

He covered her eyes, and she called him husband…

Leng Hao’s mouth was dry, and his throat felt like burning charcoal. “How did I make you angry?”

He did not know?

Ye Xiaotao’s little finger on his heart slid down, and then she pointed at the big tent. “It… it salutes other women…”

Leng Hao held her finger and did not let her flirt with him. “I didn’t.”


Leng Hao didn’t say anything.

Ye Xiaotao was anxious. She punched his handsome shoulder and pouted. “Can’t you coax me?”

Leng Hao pursed his dry thin lips. “I didn’t even see what that woman looked like. I just came out of your room and my mind was filled with your… naked… appearance.”

Ye Xiaotao’s large, dreamy eyes suddenly sparkled like the stars in the sky. She blew into his ear. “Leng Hao, there’s a knife hanging on your head. It could fall off at any time.”

“Mm.” Leng Hao snorted and then tightened her small waist.

He was only interested in her.

Ye Xiaotao buried her red face in his neck. “Then do you like me being naked or dressed?”

Then she added, “If you say you like the way I look when I’m naked, I am not going to forgive you.”

“Then don’t be angry. I like the way you look when you’re dressed.” He coaxed her in a hoarse voice.

Ye Xiaotao, …

A block of head!

“Leng Hao, don’t let women get close to you in the future, okay? They all want to pounce on you!” Ye Xiaotao was still very jealous.

“You’re thinking too much. I’m not the only man in the world.”

“But how can those men compare to you?” “You’re so handsome, your figure is great, you have money and power. The point is, you’re half mixed. Your thing is in Europe size. If those women know that you’re so big that you can do it several times a night and getting stronger each time, they will all die of lust!”

Leng Hao’s waist and abdomen went numb, and all the blood in his body rushed to his brain. Did she think of him that way?

Then, did she like it or not?

“Oh, from now on, I’ll be surrounded just by men,” he promised.

Ye Xiaotao curled the corners of her lips. Her head was dizzy, and her breath was filled with the clean smell of his body, as well as the faint smell of tobacco. She felt even dizzier.

Her two small hands cupped his handsome face, and she leaned over to kiss his lips.

She wanted to kiss him today in the restaurant.

Leng Hao’s eyes darkened, and he stared at her with a burning gaze.

Ye Xiaotao felt that it was not enough, so she hugged his neck and deepened the kiss.

She gently pressed over his lips, stretched out her small tongue, and pressed on his teeth. Leng Hao opened his mouth, and she leaned in with an innocent look.

Leng Hao felt an electric current flowed through the tip of his tongue, and it instantly surged through his entire body.

He wanted to turn the tables.

But the little woman backed out.

“Is my mouth sweet?” She asked shyly.


“Is it because I drank red wine?”


Even if she didn’t drink red wine, it was still sweet.

Ye Xiaotao giggled and buried herself in his arms, rubbing against him.

Leng Hao closed his scarlet eyes. He wanted to hold it in, but he couldn’t help it. His large palm moved upward and brushed across her delicate back.

“You touched me?”

Leng Hao’s hand froze, and his handsome face turned red uncomfortably.

He withdrew his hand.

Ye Xiaotao was so drunk that she was not knowing what he was thinking. Seeing that he stopped moving, she urged him by rubbing his legs twice.

“Leng Hao, I’m wearing a dress today!”

Her hint was very obvious.

“Yes, the dress is very nice. Your skin is fair.”

Ye Xiaotao, …

At this time, was he seriously talking about the dress with her?

“A block of wood, what’s in your head?” Ye Xiaotao was angry and scolded him with puffed cheeks.

Leng Hao was very innocent. He didn’t know why she was angry again.

Ye Xiaotao was angry when she saw that he didn’t say anything and was really like a blockhead. Her two small hands slid down and she untied the metal belt on his waist directly.

“What are you doing?” Leng Hao held her naughty little hands.

“Don’t move!” Ye Xiaotao pouted like a queen and then pushed his two big palms away.

The belt was untied, and the dress she was wearing was convenient. She went straight to the point.

Leng Hao was caught off guard and grunted.

Ye Xiaotao’s eyes were watery. Her two small hands held onto his shoulders and only started to move after she got used to it.

The bright moonlight shone through the balcony. The room was very dark. Leng Hao put his head against the wall, his sexy Adam’s apple rolling up and down.

The wild and unbridled pleasure flooded him like a tide.

He remembered that four years ago, in Hong Kong, he was drunk. That night, she sneaked into his room and raped him. It was the same position.

Four years later, she raped him again.

The little woman hit very quickly. At the critical moment, Leng Hao reached out and hugged her delicate body. His big palm held the back of her head. He opened his mouth and forcefully kissed her cherry lips.

He taught her what a kiss was.

Ye Xiaotao trembled in his crazy and overbearing kiss. Her breathing stopped. Her body was filled with his masculinity. She was paralyzed that she fell directly into his arms.

Their bodies were as if they were drenched in rain, and their clothes were wet.

Their wild and hot breaths were rising and falling.


Ye Xiaotao woke up and realized what she had done. She wished she could find a hole to hide in. She knew that she wanted to bully him for a long time ago, but why couldn’t she hold it in?

It was too embarrassing!

She retreated from his legs in a panic.

However, his strong arms wrapped around her soft waist. In the next second, her body was in the air. Leng Hao stood up from the wheelchair and carried her butt to the big bed.

Ye Xiaotao’s pupils constricted. He could walk?

Her slender back was pressed into the soft blanket. Ye Xiaotao wanted to get up. “You can stand up now? Is this a dream?”

She reached out and pinched his face. “Does it hurt?”

Leng Hao was amused by her ridiculous actions. The corners of his mouth curled up into a doting smile as he said softly, “Yes, it hurts.”

“That’s great. You can finally stand up. I… Hmm!” Her little face that was moving about was straightened by a large palm. He lowered his eyes and kissed her delicate lips again.

She knew how his body reacted. He had not had enough and wanted to continue, but she remembered that she was pregnant. Just now, her lust made her raped him once. They could do it once every three and a half months properly. Too often was not good for the baby.

She didn’t dare to let him do what he wanted.

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