My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1388

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Chapter 1388: Chance Encounter (2)

Qiao Mu stopped and turned her head toward the sedan chair.

Commandery Princess Yi’an walked out from the sedan chair with small and light steps. She smiled toward her and greeted, “Yi’an greets the crown prince consort.”

However, Qiao Mu merely nodded apathetically before redirecting her gaze toward the royal kitchen.

Commandery Princess Yi’an’s smile stiffened on her face.

She did not expect the young crown prince consort before her to be loath to even give her a glance.

“Crown Prince Consort.” Commandery Princess Yi’an quickly stepped forward and called her again. “Will the crown prince consort please stay.”

She gave the two porters a look, and they immediately leaped forward to block Qiao Mu’s path.

Qiao Mu creased her brows, feeling quite displeased.

She was heading to the royal kitchen to see if it had a farm nearby, yet that woman whom she had only seen several times kept stopping her. Even now, that woman was blocking her path, which made her slightly irritated.

Couldn’t she just let her quietly be alone?

“Crown Prince Consort.” Commandery Princess Yi’an sauntered up to Qiao Mu and tugged a stiff smile. “Yi’an heard that someone barged into the Eastern Palace on the day of the crown prince consort’s wedding. Did the crown prince consort get hurt?”

“You can’t see for yourself whether I am hurt?” She really was asking a question when she already know the answer!

Commandery Princess Yi’an was rendered speechless and could only smile awkwardly. “Y-Yes, it is great that the crown prince consort did not get hurt. Yi’an has been very worried these past two days.”

“From the looks of it, you don’t seem to be worrying about me.” Qiao Mu cast her a glance.

Yi’an wished for nothing more than to tear off this young crown prince consort’s mouth. What she said was simply, simply too infuriating!

She had merely greeted her out of courtesy and perhaps also wanted to take this chance to chum up to her. After all, they were sure to see much of each other in this palace in the coming days.

Yet this young crown prince consort actually kept people at a far distance!

“Crown Prince Consort.”

Qiao Mu put out her hand to stop her from speaking. “I have an errand to attend to right now, so tell your people to step aside.”

Who had the leisure to continue squabbling with her? It’s not like they were familiar with each other, so why act like they were? It was simply baffling.

Even though Commandery Princess Yi’an was almost infuriated to death by her, she couldn’t raise a clamor. She could only quickly pick the important things to talk about instead. “Crown Prince Consort, it is like this. Yi’an heard that the crown prince consort will give alms on Xiluo Street tomorrow. Yi’an also wants to go and contribute her humble effort.”

Qiao Mu swept her a glance. “You are also dishing out fifty kiloliters?”

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“Fifty kiloliters?” Commandery Princess Yi’an herself did not realize that she had actually shouted.

That was 50,000 liters of grain!

A normal family could subsist on one liter of grain for two to three days, yet the crown prince consort said that she was going to hand out 50,000 liters of grain tomorrow?

This, how was this possible!!

Even if she was the crown prince consort and the crown prince’s monthly stipend was much more than a normal prince’s, it wasn’t enough to sustain her willful squandering.

A subsidy!

The king and Her Majesty the Queen must have subsidized her in private so that she could use it to heighten the Eastern Palace’s prestige!

Commandery Princess Yi’an contemplated while gritting her teeth.

Her smile was stiff as she blurted, “H-How is that possible. Yi’an just wants to go help the crown prince consort.”

“Liar!” Qiao Mu immediately turned hostile as she glared at her. “You said that you wanted to contribute your humble effort, but it turns out that you don’t even want to take out a single liter of rice. Then what use do you have?”

“There are so many servants in the Eastern Palace. Is there a need for you, a commandery princess, to come and help?”

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